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Which are some of the innovative colleges in the US?

Posted on January 10, 2019
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innovative colleges in the US

Innovative colleges in the US are improving their curriculum, technology, and facilities to give students progressive learning experience. Employers in the current global scenario look for much more than just academic experience. Studying abroad and interning with local companies give you the much-needed experience that you require for your first job.

Here are some of the innovative colleges in the US which deliver a progressive learning experience:

  1. Franklin College

Franklin College aims to foster innovation, independent thinking, and leadership qualities among its students. It is a nationally recognized college for liberal arts and science. The college offers a wide variety of collaborative and innovative specializations. Its programs in Science and Business aim to equip students with advanced learning and hands-on clinical experience. Studying at Franklin may also give you the opportunity to play Division III sports.

International students can earn scholarships up to $15,000 a year.

90% of Franklin graduates get employed within just 6 months of graduation.

  1. Rhodes College

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Rhodes College is an international private university specializing in liberal arts and science. The college believes in honor, intellectual engagement, and service to others. Studying at Rhodes helps you combine the best classroom and real-world experience. A number of opportunities for research, internship, and service are available here.

The college proudly boasts of students participating in community service. Almost 80% of the student population engages in it in and around Memphis.

75% of the students are successful at completing internships with known companies.

Rhodes College has been named America’s No. 1 Service Oriented College for 2 years in a row by Newsweek magazine.

  1. Bard College

Located in New York, this is a 150-year-old college with a reputation for competitiveness and innovation. Courses in Bard College are rooted in allegiance to civility, free speech, and scientific inquiry. The college wants to develop critical thinking and discipline among its students.

Bard College has campuses in New York City, California, Boston, Russia, and Germany.

  1. Centre College

Centre College located in Danville, Kentucky offers a 4-year degree program in liberal arts. Study abroad opportunities, research opportunities, and internship opportunities are woven into the course structure. In fact, 85% of Centre’s students study abroad at least once in their life.

The College offers more than 50 study programs. If that’s not enough, you may also design your major in consultation with your advisor. Centre College emphasizes experiential learning.

Employers hold Centre College in high regard. In 2017, 97% of the students were employed within 1 year of graduation, as per Study International.

  1. Austin College

Austin College emphasizes on academics along with intellectual and personal integrity. It also highly prioritizes participation in community life.

The college offers study abroad programs and valuable internships. There are a wide variety of subjects to choose from.

The College has an effective Mentor Program which pairs every student with a faculty member. The faculty member acts as the advisor and also teaches an introductory course on Communication. This contributes to a great learning experience as such one-on-one interaction is rare in colleges.

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