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International migrants are more attached to Canada, says Trudeau

Posted on July 7, 2017
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Canada Immigration

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that International Migrants possess a greater sense of attachment to the nation. He added that he feels envious by the international migrants and their families arriving in Canada. The reason for this was that Canadian citizens take for granted the advantages of being Canadian by birth, said Trudeau.

The Prime Minster of Canada expressed these views in his interaction with Anne-Marie Mediwake the CTV journalist. This interview was aired as a part of the celebration of Canada Day. He elaborated that the fact that he was born in Canada and did not choose it is a great reminder for him. Nevertheless, it is a proud feeling to be a Canadian citizen, added Trudeau, as quoted by the CIC News.

Trudeau further elaborated that international migrants make an informed choice to Immigrate to Canada. This is amazing and demonstrates their greater sense of attachment to Canada, added Justin Trudeau.

Canadian Immigration policies are increasingly evolving to get friendlier to international migrants. Canada is forthcoming towards economic immigrants to accentuate the growth of its economy. It is also facilitating these immigrants to reunite with their overseas family members.

Justin Trudeau is buoyant by the fact that people in Canada are favorable towards international migrants. Canadians are also supportive of immigration policies friendlier towards immigrants.

More than 17 million international migrants have been welcomed by Canada in the past 150 years. Canada established a confederation exactly 150 years ago. Many immigrants have also arrived in Canada as Overseas Students and workers apart from these.

Some of the factors that attract immigrants to Canada are its officially proclaimed policy of multi-ethnicity, economic prosperity, security and bilingual society. There are diverse others factors too owing to which immigrants call Canada as their home.

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