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Ireland can be your ideal study abroad destination

Posted on March 20, 2020
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Study in Ireland

It is every student’s ambition to get the best education for an excellent career. If you are looking to study abroad; Ireland is a country you should consider. It has some of the world’s best institutes with a wide syllabus. Job opportunities available here makes Ireland an ideal. the destination for many students.

Universities in Ireland offer a good quality of education. The Irish Government grants around 725 million Euros every year to its institutes. This is towards developing most modern teaching techniques and upgrading the student’s skills. Ireland is a popular country chosen by Indian students.

Irish Universities are globally acclaimed and offer high standards in education. Trinity College-Dublin and University College are amongst the top 500 institutes, as per QS World Ranking list for 2020.

Irish universities offer courses in bachelors, masters and Ph.D. programs. The academic year starts from September to June/July. There are several institutes and subjects to choose from.

Important reasons why students should choose Ireland for higher education.

  • Ireland is a safe, friendly and welcoming country.
  • Headquarters for a lot of multinationals
  • Technology hub

English requirement:
Students wishing to pursue an education in Ireland should meet the basic level of IELTS. Each institute or university has its own specific language level. Students should enquire with the institute the level required for the chosen subject.

Expenses – Study and living costs:
International students have to pay tuition fees ranging from Euros 5,000 to 10,000 per year. There is a possibility of getting a scholarship. Students have to find out the scholarship option from the institute they choose to study in.

Living costs in Ireland are the same as in countries like Germany, Spain, or France. Monthly expenses of students can range from 500 to 800 Euros per month. This will cover their accommodation, food groceries, and travel expenses. Students should get their health insurance in their home country before the session. The insurance should cover the entire duration of their course.

Job opportunities in Ireland for students on completion of academics:

Irish educational institutes are associated with many multinational organizations. Graduates and Post-graduates get an opportunity for internships and full-time employment.

Non-EU graduates can extend their student visa for six months after their results. During this period, they can apply for full-time employment in Ireland. To be able to work here, they have to apply to the immigration regulator. Job opportunities are available across various industries.

Skills in demand in Ireland in the year 2020:

Information Technology:

  • Software Developers,
  • IT Architects
  • Test Engineers
  • System Administration and Technical Support

Science & Engineering:

  • Engineers
  • Scientist


  • Financial /Business Analysts

There is a severe shortage in Ireland across the IT, Finance and Engineering sectors.  Aging population and Brexit has impacted a shortage in these occupations. The sectors that will see a demand in future are:

  1. ICT – Information and Communication Technology especially software developers, database analyst, systems architecture, mobile communication and other allied subjects.
  2. Science & Engineering – Mechanical Engineers,  Research and development managers,

design and development engineers, physical, and biological scientists and bio-chemists.

  1. Business & Financial Services – Accountants, underwriters, insurance and investment broker, actuaries and business analyst.

Ireland is one of the most exciting places in the world to be a student. It is also considered a safe country to study and live in.

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