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Is it mandatory to attend University open day for Overseas Students?

Posted on July 21, 2018
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Is it mandatory to attend University open day for Overseas Students

The open day of your chosen Overseas University is scheduled but you are stuck elsewhere. Is it mandatory for overseas students to participate in this? The occasion is quite infamous in the overseas education sector. This is for offering a backdoor entry into the happenings of the selected institution. These special days are received with great anticipation and excitement, as quoted by Study International.

However, if you stay very far away from your chosen university, you may not be able to afford this. It can be upsetting to you as well.

But wait; don’t we live in the Digital Age? Distance is no more a hindering factor. Remaining at home does not always imply that you must miss the action. This is because today live streaming services, instant messaging, and video calls have transformed the dynamics of communication.

Several global universities that are tech-savvy are now offering virtual tours. This offers the internet users all over a sneak-peak in the campus. It includes living halls, study spaces, and classrooms. This will offer a clear picture of the destination of study to overseas students.

An incredible virtual tour feature is present on the website of the University of New Hampshire in the US. It is complete with audio description and interactive map. Overseas students get the feel of moving around the campus on a beautiful sunny day owing to the full-screen view and 360-degree angles.

Overseas universities are also adopting another smart technique to reach out to overseas students. This is through In-Country representatives for students who do not have access to open days.

Instead of overseas students traveling 1000s of miles to reach the campus of universities, the latter is coming to the students.

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