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Is studying abroad worth it? A look at the ROI

Posted on August 12, 2023
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Why study abroad?

  • Knowing how to live independently
  • Get overseas professional opportunities
  • Boost networking skills
  • Get international exposure
  • Improve communication skills

Is studying abroad worth it? A look at the ROI

Pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or a vocational course in a foreign country demands that you invest in studying abroad. Not everyone can be in a position to bear the expenses. Of course, many students have the option of applying for scholarships or taking educational loans or getting grants. Whatever the course and the country one intends to study in, one thing will universally be true for all of them. What would they gain by spending additional money to study overseas? What is the return on investment (ROI) of getting a degree from a different country?

It is not easy to identify in measurable terms as it differs from one course to another and one country to another. But people do search extensively for more information on this aspect.

The most critical aspect is opting for a proper course for education abroad. You need to find the ROI by knowing the tuition fee of a university and the average income that a student is offered after graduating from it. It helps in zeroing in on an educational institution.

According to the figures of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, in 2022, Indian students numbering 1.3 million enrolled to study abroad in about 79 nations. The United States has the highest number of Indian students at more than 465,000, followed by Canada and Australia at over 183,000 and 100,000, respectively. This indicates that many Indian students prefer studying abroad for higher education.

If you get a job in a reputed multinational company, it means that the ROI is good. Getting admitted to a famed university or college ensures that you get a job with a respectable pay packet. It will also improve your future career prospects.

Benefits of ROI on education abroad

Lower Debt:

An individual needs to incur expenses of diverse kinds once he/she begins working. The debt should not be so high that it needs to be paid for a longer period. If that is so, the individual becomes independent and stable financially.

Lesser Risk:

Individuals become knowledgeable about the cost-benefit attributes if they are able to determine the ROI for the education they had overseas. Based on that, they can plan accordingly for the future. Being in the know of ROI will reduce the probabilities of monetary and career threats.

You can then calculate the ROI for education overseas by making the proper career choice without needing to compromise on career outlooks and economic benefits.

In other words, ROI for studying abroad can be classified as the profit expected after the completion of education abroad as per the income they are getting, job stability, and opportunities for advancing professionally. It would take into consideration self-employment prospects and plans to embark on entrepreneurship.

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