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Jobs outlook in Ireland for 2023

Posted on December 28, 2022
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How is Ireland Job Market in 2023?

  • The number of job vacancies in Ireland in June 2022 was 34,800 according to the Eurostat
  • The top three states where many jobs are available include Dublin, Connacht, and Galway
  • GDP growth of Ireland grew by 1.80 percent in the Q2 of 2022 in comparison to the previous quarter. It is expected that the GDP will grow up to 4.8 percent in 2022 and 2.7 percent in 2023.
  • The unemployment rate in Ireland will be 5 percent in 2023. In September 2022, the unemployment rate was 4.3 percent according to the Central Statistics Office.
  • The number of working hours in Ireland cannot exceed 48 hours a week according to the European Working Time Directive. The office timings are 9:00am to 5:30pm with a one-hour lunch break.

Job outlook in Ireland, 2023

The economy of Ireland will grow slowly in 2023 and the unemployment rate will remain low. It has been expected that the unemployment rate in the country will remain at 5 percent. In 2022, the unemployment rate in Ireland started at 7 percent. There are many sectors in Ireland in which jobs are available. These sectors are discussed below in detail.

IT and Software

The average salary for a software engineer in Ireland is €5,417 per month. The salary from the lowest to the highest average is €4,583 and €7,083 per month. Some related salaries can be found in the table below:

Job role Salary per month
IT Manager €6,042
Java Developer €5,833
Project Manager €5,833
Software Engineer €5,417
Software Engineer €5,417
Process Engineer €5,333
Automation Engineer €5,208
Software Developer €5,139
Network Engineer €5,000
.NET Developer €5,000
System Engineer €5,000
.NET Developer €5,000
Developer €5,000
Business Analyst €4,792
System Administrator €4,583
Systems Engineer €4,583
Assistant Manager €2,917
Supervisor €2,600

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Sales and Marketing

The average salary for an individual working in the sales and marketing sector is 43,100 EUR. The lowest average salary for sales professionals in Ireland is 20,000 EUR while the highest is 71,600 EUR. The salaries for different professionals can be found in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Chief Marketing Officer €73,600
Marketing Manager €70,400
Brand Manager €68,500
Brand Ambassador €58,700
Search Marketing Strategist €58,400
Marketing Executive €56,900
Marketing Consultant €54,900
Market Development Manager €54,600
Market Segmentation Director €54,100
Marketing Distribution Executive €53,700
Product Marketing Manager €53,500
Trade Marketing Manager €52,600
Digital Marketing Manager €52,300
Event Marketing €51,000
Assistant Product Manager €49,800
Product Development €49,300
Market Research Manager €48,800
Research Executive €47,900
Localization Manager €46,800
Marketing Communications Manager €46,500
Assistant Brand Manager €45,800
Market Research Analyst €44,700
Optimization Manager €44,700
Project Manager €44,100
Web Analytics Manager €43,200
Creative Marketing Lead €41,700
Team Leader €41,400

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Finance and Accounting

Individuals working as finance and accounting professionals earn an average salary of 39,600 EUR per year. The lowest average salary is 16,000 EUR while the highest one is 79,600 EUR. The salaries for different accounting job roles can be found in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Finance President €86,900
Deputy CFO €80,300
Financial Manager €77,500
Vice President of Finance €76,600
Financial Manager €75,200
Financial Operations Manager €73,600
Risk Management Director €65,000
Finance Relationship Manager €63,700
Investment Fund Manager €63,600
Management Economist €62,700
Finance Team Leader €61,600
Finance Executive €60,600
Budget Manager €59,900
Auditing Manager €59,200
Credit and Collection Manager €58,100
Fraud Prevention Manager €57,300
Accounting Manager €57,200
KYC Team Leader €57,100
Financial Project Manager €56,500
Financial Reporting Manager €56,500
Investment Analyst €56,100
Tax Manager €55,600
Finance Licensing Manager €55,200
Cost Accounting Manager €54,400
Investor Relations Manager €54,200
Assistant Accounting Manager €53,800
Accounts Payable Manager €53,700
Risk Management Supervisor €53,700
Payroll Manager €53,600
Accounts Receivable Manager €53,300
Corporate Treasurer €52,200
Revenue Recognition Analyst €51,300
Private Equity Analyst €51,200
Audit Supervisor €51,100
Financial Analyst €51,100
Financial Customer Service Manager €50,900
Financial Claims Manager €48,100
Cash Flow Analyst €44,000
Internal Control Adviser €44,000
Cost Analyst €43,800
Financial Consultant €39,500
Financial Reporting Consultant €39,200
Credit Controller €39,100
Internal Auditor €38,300
Chartered Accountant €37,700

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The average salary for healthcare professionals in Ireland is around 57,400 EUR. The lowest average salary is 12,000 EUR while the highest one is 172,000 EUR. The salaries for different healthcare professionals in Ireland are given in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Surgeon – Heart Transplant €183,000
Surgeon – Orthopedic €180,000
Chief of Surgery €175,000
Surgeon – Plastic Reconstructive €168,000
Surgeon – Cardiothoracic €167,000
Invasive Cardiologist €159,000
Surgeon – Neurology €158,000
Cardiovascular Specialist €156,000
Physician – Cardiology €146,000
Surgeon – Pediatric €144,000
Physician – Urology €140,000
Urologist €136,000
Physician – Anesthesiology €135,000
Surgeon – Trauma €135,000
Physician – Internal Medicine €128,000
Oral Surgeon €127,000
Physician – Neurology €127,000
Physician – Nephrology €126,000
Surgeon €126,000
Clinical Psychologist €125,000
Breast Center Manager €124,000
Cardiology Manager €124,000
Neurologist €124,000
Internist €123,000
Physician – Immunology / Allergy €122,000
Physician – Radiation Therapy €122,000
Physician – Radiology €122,000
Anesthesiologist €121,000
Chief of Psychology €121,000
Surgeon – Burn €121,000
Interventionist €119,000
Naturopathic Physician €119,000
Orthodontist €119,000
Endodontist €118,000
Prosthodontist €118,000
Physician – Dermatology €117,000
Dermatologist €115,000
Physician – Obstetrics / Gynecology €115,000
Physician – Endocrinology €113,000
Radiologist €112,000
Periodontist €110,000
Psychologist €110,000
Radiation Therapist €109,000
Treatment Services Director €109,000
Physician – Gastroenterology €108,000
Physician – Nuclear Medicine €108,000
Physician – Rheumatology €108,000
Physician – Sports Medicine €108,000
Clinical Director €107,000
Nuclear Medicine Physician €107,000
Obstetrician / Gynecologist €106,000
Physician – Hematology / Oncology €106,000
Physician – Pediatric Cardiology €106,000
Psychiatrist €106,000
Physician – Infectious Disease €104,000
Forensic Pathologist €103,000
Physician – Maternal / Fetal Medicine €103,000
Emergency Services Director €102,000
Physician €102,000
Physician – Pediatric Neonatology €102,000
Rehabilitation Services Manager €102,000
Doctor €101,000
Physician – Physiatry €101,000
Radiology Manager €101,000
Dentist €99,400
Emergency Management Director €98,500
Counseling Psychologist €98,200
Pediatrician €96,700
Orthoptist €94,100
Physician – Podiatry €93,300
Physician – Pediatrics €92,500
Maternity Services Director €90,200

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The average salary in the hospitality industry in Ireland is 25,700 EUR. The lowest average salary is 9,730 while the highest one is 71,600. The salaries for different job roles can be found in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Hospitality Director €75,200
Hotel Manager €69,800
Fleet Manager €63,900
Cluster Director €60,400
Regional Restaurant Manager €56,700
Hotel Sales Manager €56,100
Assistant Hospitality Manager €53,600
Assistant Food and Beverage Director €53,400
Food Service Manager €52,300
Club Manager €48,600
Restaurant Manager €48,500
Room Reservations Manager €48,100
Cluster Revenue Manager €47,500
Room Service Manager €45,900
Coffee Shop Manager €45,600
Food and Beverage Manager €45,400
Food Service Director €45,400
Casino Shift Manager €45,300
Guest Service Executive €42,900
Motel Manager €39,900
Hotel Service Supervisor €39,400
Travel Consultant €37,700
Food Consultant €37,500
Fine Dining Cook €37,400
Fine Dining Restaurant Chef €36,800
Tour Consultant €35,100
Corporate Travel Consultant €34,300
Corporate Sous Chef €34,200
Supervisor of Food Services €33,900
Beverage Manager €31,400
Bakery Manager €30,500
Executive Chef €29,300
Conference Services Manager €29,200
Duty Manager €29,000
Buffet Manager €28,600
Sous Chef €28,200
Bar Manager €28,000
Kitchen Manager €24,100
Banquet Manager €20,500

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Apply for Ireland work visa

Step 1: Check your eligibility

The eligibility criteria to apply for an Ireland work visa are as follows:

  • An offer letter from an employer in Ireland
  • The minimum remuneration for an occupation should be €1,774 per month
  • A relevant or higher degree qualification is required
  • Validity of the job offer should be at least two years
  • Employers need to have 50 percent of employees from the EU/EEA region

Step 2: Choose your work visa

Applicants have to apply for any one of the following work visas to work in Ireland:

  • Ireland Critical Skills Employment Work Permit Visa
  • Ireland General Employment Permit

Step 3: Get your qualifications recognized

Step 4: Arrange checklist of requirements

Requirements needed to apply for an Ireland work visa are as follows:

  • Work visa application form that should be duly filled
  • Work permit from an Ireland employer
  • Valid passport copy along with signature, and a photograph along with other information of the applicant
  • Passport size photo which has to meet the conditions of Ireland
  • Employer’s information like name, address, along with other requirements

Step 5: Apply for Ireland Work Visa

How can Y-Axis assist you?

Y-Axis will provide the services listed below to get an Ireland work visa:

  • Counseling: Y-Axis provides free counseling services.
  • Job services: Avail job search services to find jobs in Ireland
  • Reviewing requirements: Your requirements will be reviewed by our experts for your visa
  • Requirements collections: Get the checklist of requirements needed to apply for an Ireland work visa
  • Application form filling: Get help for filling out the application form

Need guidance to work in Ireland? Talk to Y-Axis, the world’s no. 1 overseas career consultant.

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