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Jobs outlook in Sweden for 2023

Posted on December 28, 2022
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How is Sweden Job Market in 2023?

  • Number of Job vacancies in Sweden in the second quarter of 2022 was 190,691
  • Top three states where most of the jobs are available include:
    • Stockholm
    • Bohuslän
    • Dalsland
  • GDP in Sweden grew by 0.7 percent. In comparison to the third quarter of 2021, GDP increased by 2.6 percent in Q3 of 2022. In September 2022, GDP growth could be seen though it went down in August.
  • Unemployment rate in Sweden was 6.5 percent in September 2022. Employment increased by 93,000 while the number of unemployed persons decreased by 96,000
  • Number of working hours for a full-time employment in Sweden is 40 hours per week. Working hours cannot exceed 48 hours per week. Collective agreements can be made to increase or reduce the maximum and minimum working hours.

Job outlook in Sweden, 2023

Sweden is facing the problem of shortage of workers so it has introduced sponsored jobs in the shortage list. The government of Sweden welcomes foreign skilled workers to work in Sweden. Many companies in the country are sponsoring foreign workers to allow them to apply for vacant positions. There are many sectors in which jobs are available and some of them are discussed here.

IT and Software

The average salary for a software engineer in Sweden is 43,800 SEK. The lowest average salary for a software engineer is 21,000 SEK while the highest is 68,700.

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Sales and Marketing

The salary for a marketing professional in Sweden ranges between 23,500 SEK and 83,900 SEK. The average salary per month earned by a marketing professional is 50,600 SEK. The salaries for different professionals in this sector can be found in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Marketing Manager 87,200 SEK
Chief Marketing Officer 85,000 SEK
Brand Manager 80,700 SEK
Brand Ambassador 70,900 SEK
Search Marketing Strategist 68,500 SEK
Marketing Distribution Executive 67,600 SEK
Market Development Manager 66,000 SEK
Marketing Executive 65,400 SEK
Digital Marketing Manager 64,200 SEK
Trade Marketing Manager 61,700 SEK
Event Marketing 61,400 SEK
Market Segmentation Director 60,900 SEK
Product Marketing Manager 60,800 SEK
Marketing Consultant 60,700 SEK
Market Research Manager 59,600 SEK
Research Executive 59,400 SEK
Assistant Product Manager 57,800 SEK
Marketing Communications Manager 57,500 SEK
Localization Manager 57,200 SEK
Product Development 55,800 SEK
Market Research Analyst 54,400 SEK
Web Analytics Manager 53,000 SEK
Optimization Manager 52,900 SEK
Web Content Manager 52,800 SEK
Project Manager 52,000 SEK
Assistant Brand Manager 51,800 SEK
Creative Marketing Lead 51,700 SEK
Affiliate Manager 50,600 SEK
Marketing Analyst 50,600 SEK
Marketing Advisor 50,300 SEK
Campaign Specialist 50,100 SEK
Content Marketing Strategist 49,800 SEK
Trade Marketing Professional 49,200 SEK
Social Media Specialist 47,600 SEK
Outreach Specialist 47,500 SEK
Team Leader 46,800 SEK
Online Marketing Analyst 45,500 SEK
Sponsorship Consultant 43,000 SEK
Marketing Specialist 42,500 SEK
Product Training Specialist 42,000 SEK

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Finance and Accounting

The average salary for finance and accounting professionals in Sweden is 46,500 SEK. The salary ranges between 18,800 SEK and 93,300 SEK. There are many jobs available in this sector and the salaries for these job roles are available in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Finance President 98,000 SEK
Deputy CFO 94,600 SEK
Financial Manager 93,600 SEK
Financial Manager 87,800 SEK
Vice President of Finance 87,100 SEK
Financial Operations Manager 80,800 SEK
Risk Management Director 80,500 SEK
Management Economist 77,000 SEK
Finance Team Leader 76,300 SEK
Investment Fund Manager 76,100 SEK
Finance Relationship Manager 74,700 SEK
Budget Manager 69,900 SEK
Tax Manager 69,600 SEK
Financial Project Manager 69,300 SEK
Finance Executive 69,000 SEK
Credit and Collection Manager 67,800 SEK
Accounting Manager 67,100 SEK
Auditing Manager 67,000 SEK
Risk Management Supervisor 66,900 SEK
Cost Accounting Manager 66,800 SEK
Investor Relations Manager 66,500 SEK
KYC Team Leader 66,300 SEK
Fraud Prevention Manager 65,500 SEK
Finance Licensing Manager 65,300 SEK
Investment Analyst 65,200 SEK
Accounts Receivable Manager 63,700 SEK
Corporate Treasurer 63,700 SEK
Accounts Payable Manager 63,600 SEK
Assistant Accounting Manager 63,300 SEK
Audit Supervisor 62,600 SEK
Financial Reporting Manager 62,400 SEK
Revenue Recognition Analyst 60,700 SEK
Payroll Manager 58,600 SEK
Budget Analyst 57,900 SEK
Financial Claims Manager 57,900 SEK
Private Equity Analyst 57,700 SEK
Financial Customer Service Manager 57,600 SEK
Financial Analyst 57,500 SEK
Derivative Trader 56,800 SEK
Financial Quantitative Analyst 55,700 SEK
Financial Compliance Analyst 55,300 SEK
Financial Controller 55,100 SEK
Debt Adviser 54,800 SEK
Treasury Analyst 54,300 SEK
Cost Analyst 54,000 SEK
Financial Administrator 54,000 SEK
Revenue Management Specialist 53,200 SEK
Pricing Analyst 53,100 SEK
Financial Actuary 51,700 SEK
Cash Flow Analyst 51,600 SEK
Retirement Plan Analyst 50,700 SEK
Billing Supervisor 50,600 SEK
Financial Policy Analyst 50,600 SEK
Capital Markets Associate 50,100 SEK
Internal Control Adviser 50,000 SEK
Financial Commercial Analyst 49,100 SEK
Tax Advisor 48,700 SEK
Credit Controller 46,300 SEK
Accounting Supervisor 45,600 SEK
External Auditor 45,500 SEK
Financial Reporting Consultant 45,300 SEK
Internal Auditor 43,800 SEK
Financial Claims Analyst 43,300 SEK
Accounts Executive 43,200 SEK
Financial Applications Specialist 42,600 SEK
Financial Consultant 42,600 SEK
Investor 42,300 SEK
Chartered Accountant 40,600 SEK

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The average salary of a healthcare professional in Sweden is 67,400 SEK per month. The lowest average salary that a professional earns is 14,100 per month whereas the highest average salary is 201,000 SEK per month. The salary for different job roles is provided in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Chief of Surgery 213,000 EK
Surgeon – Heart Transplant 205,000 SEK
Surgeon – Orthopedic 203,000 SEK
Surgeon – Plastic Reconstructive 192,000 SEK
Surgeon – Cardiothoracic 187,000 SEK
Cardiovascular Specialist 186,000 SEK
Invasive Cardiologist 186,000 SEK
Surgeon – Neurology 178,000 SEK
Physician – Cardiology 170,000 SEK
Surgeon – Pediatric 164,000 SEK
Urologist 163,000 SEK
Physician – Urology 159,000 SEK
Physician – Anesthesiology 157,000 SEK
Surgeon – Trauma 155,000 SEK
Clinical Psychologist 151,000 SEK
Physician – Radiology 151,000 SEK
Physician – Radiation Therapy 149,000 SEK
Physician – Neurology 145,000 SEK
Neurologist 144,000 SEK
Physician – Nephrology 144,000 SEK
Oral Surgeon 143,000 SEK
Anesthesiologist 141,000 SEK
Chief of Psychology 140,000 SEK
Surgeon 139,000 SEK
Endodontist 138,000 SEK
Physician – Dermatology 138,000 SEK
Prosthodontist 138,000 SEK
Physician – Immunology / Allergy 136,000 SEK
Naturopathic Physician 135,000 SEK
Physician – Endocrinology 135,000 SEK
Breast Center Manager 134,000 SEK
Surgeon – Burn 134,000 SEK
Dermatologist 133,000 SEK
Obstetrician / Gynecologist 133,000 SEK
Orthodontist 133,000 SEK
Periodontist 133,000 SEK
Clinical Director 132,000 SEK
Physician – Obstetrics / Gynecology 132,000 SEK
Radiologist 131,000 SEK
Physician – Gastroenterology 130,000 SEK
Radiation Therapist 130,000 SEK
Treatment Services Director 129,000 SEK
Nuclear Medicine Physician 127,000 SEK
Physician – Pediatric Cardiology 127,000 SEK
Physician – Nuclear Medicine 124,000 SEK
Psychiatrist 124,000 SEK
Doctor 122,000 SEK
Physician – Pediatric Neonatology 122,000 SEK
Physician – Physiatry 122,000 SEK
Forensic Pathologist 121,000 SEK
Physician – Rheumatology 121,000 SEK
Physician – Sports Medicine 121,000 SEK
Psychologist 118,000 SEK
Emergency Services Director 117,000 SEK
Health Compliance Director 117,000 SEK
Physician – Infectious Disease 117,000 SEK
Health Economist 116,000 SEK
Physician – Hematology / Oncology 116,000 SEK
Physician – Maternal / Fetal Medicine 116,000 SEK
Exercise Physiologist 115,000 SEK
Physician – Podiatry 113,000 SEK
Emergency Management Director 112,000 SEK
Pediatrician 111,000 SEK
Physician 111,000 SEK
Physician – Pediatrics 111,000 SEK
Dentist 107,000 SEK
Operating Room Services Director 104,000 SEK
Medical Director 103,000 SEK
Physician – Occupational Medicine 103,000 SEK
Psychometrician 102,000 SEK
Physician – Pathology 101,000 SEK
Respiratory Care Practitioner 101,000 SEK
Optometrist 99,800 SEK
Clinical Neuropsychologist 99,000 SEK
Neonatologist 98,400 SEK
Ophthalmologist 97,100 SEK
Dietitian 92,100 SEK
Physician – Ophthalmology 88,700 SEK

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The average salary for a Hospitality professional in Sweden is 30,100 SEK per month. The salary from lowest average to highest average lies between 11,400 and 83,900. The table below reveals the salaries for different job roles in the hospitality industry:

Job Title Average Salary
Hospitality Director 89,000 SEK
Hotel Manager 83,600 SEK
Fleet Manager 71,300 SEK
Regional Restaurant Manager 69,800 SEK
Assistant Hospitality Manager 66,700 SEK
Cluster Director 66,600 SEK
Hotel Sales Manager 62,900 SEK
Food Service Manager 62,800 SEK
Assistant Food and Beverage Director 62,500 SEK
Food and Beverage Manager 57,700 SEK
Club Manager 55,100 SEK
Restaurant Manager 54,300 SEK
Room Reservations Manager 54,200 SEK
Food Service Director 53,500 SEK
Cluster Revenue Manager 52,600 SEK
Room Service Manager 51,900 SEK
Coffee Shop Manager 50,900 SEK
Guest Service Executive 50,800 SEK
Casino Shift Manager 49,900 SEK
Motel Manager 48,700 SEK
Hotel Service Supervisor 47,400 SEK
Travel Consultant 43,700 SEK
Food Consultant 43,300 SEK
Corporate Sous Chef 43,100 SEK
Fine Dining Cook 43,000 SEK
Corporate Travel Consultant 42,400 SEK
Fine Dining Restaurant Chef 41,500 SEK
Tour Consultant 41,100 SEK
Beverage Manager 37,300 SEK
Buffet Manager 34,400 SEK
Bakery Manager 33,400 SEK
Conference Services Manager 33,400 SEK
Executive Chef 32,900 SEK
Front Office Manager 32,600 SEK
Sous Chef 31,800 SEK
Bar Manager 31,400 SEK
Cafeteria Manager 29,900 SEK

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Apply for Sweden work visa

Step 1: Check your eligibility

The eligibility criteria for a Sweden work visa includes salary requirement which should be at least SEK 13,000. A checklist of all requirements should be prepared. which include a passport, a job contract, and accommodation proof.

Step 2: Choose your work visa

Here is the list of the work visas which individuals can apply:

  • Sweden work permit that should be sponsored by a Swedish employer
  • Sweden residence permit

Step 3: Get your qualifications recognized

Step 4: Arrange checklist of requirements

The requirements needed for a Swedish work visa are as follows:

  • A valid passport
  • A job offer or contract
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Intention to leave the country after the end of employment contract

Step 5: Apply for Sweden Work Visa

How can Y-Axis assist you?

Y-Axis will provide the services listed below to get a Sweden work visa:

  • Counseling: Y-Axis provides free counseling services.
  • Job services: Avail job search services to find jobs in Sweden
  • Reviewing requirements: Your requirements will be reviewed by our experts for your visa
  • Application process: Help in the completion of the application process
  • Requirements checklist: Help you in arranging the requirements for a Sweden work visa

Willing to work in Sweden? Talk to Y-Axis, the world’s no. 1 overseas immigration consultant.

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