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Life in Malta for international students

Posted on October 4, 2018
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Life in Malta for international students

The Republic of Malta is a South European country which is one of the smallest and densely populated countries in the world. The capital of Malta is Valetta with an area of 0.8 sq km and is one of the smallest national capitals in the European Union.

Education in Malta:

Even though small, Malta has a number of public as well as private institutions that offer graduate programs to overseas students. Majority of these institutes are in Valetta, the capital city. Institutes offer graduate programs in a variety of disciplines as well as specialist courses in tourism, arts, technology etc. Malta houses hundreds of international students, many of whom are there to improve their proficiency over the English language.

Visas and Immigration in Malta:

EU citizens can study and work in Malta without a Visa but need to acquire a residence document post 90 days of stay. Those from outside the EU would need to obtain a student visa from the Maltese, Italian, Austrian or Spanish consulates in their home country. Every University in Malta has an international office that assists with the Visa and application requirements. Students may also need to take up an English language test, as per The International Graduate.

Life in Malta:

Whilst offering great opportunities for overseas students, life in Malta still retains its traditional flavor. The locals are friendly, the island is very safe and to top it all, it is one of the cheapest places to Study in Europe. These reasons contribute to the rising popularity of Malta among the international students.

Working in Malta:

International students are allowed to work in Malta while studying. However, after completion of the course, they would require sponsorship from an employer in Malta to continue working. IT and translation services sectors hire the maximum graduates from outside the EU.


Students in Malta can choose between University-owned accommodation and Home stays. Accommodations which are owned by the Universities are usually off-campus but offer a great deal of independence. Home stays would involve living with a local family and it provides great insight into the Maltese culture.


Malta has a south Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and short and cool winters. The weather is quite stable all through the year; however, the wind may be strong.


Bus routes are easily accessible in Malta and Gozo which also includes the express line that runs from the airport. Buses ply from early morning to about 11 pm at night.


Euro is the currency of Malta.

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    Does University of Malta provides any fellowship for international students to do Ph.D in law?

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