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Several families in London are inclined to assist the newly arrived refugees

Posted on July 12, 2017
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The UK Red Cross has assisted more than 14,000 newly arrived refugees and homeless asylum seekers in 2016. These refugees were dependent on a weekly allowance of around 36 pounds, as quoted by the Indian Express.

Elwes the founder of Host Nation was inspired to start this initiative after meeting a Sudanese refugee Abu Haron. Host Nation is a digital platform that aligns adult newly arrived refugees along with volunteering neighborhood families inclined to assist them.

Campaigns Manager at Refugee Action Kemple Hardy said that isolation experienced by newly arrived refugees is a big issue. The inability to communicate with fellow neighbor members is a really isolating experience, added Hardy. When this being the case, it is a distant dream for them to make friends said the Campaigns Manager.

Elwes added that travel is also a challenge for several newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers to the UK. As many of these cannot afford the fares of public transport they walk for several hours to meet friends or access public services.

Several families in London are inclined to assist the newly arrived refugees, added Elwes. They would like to assist the refugees to witness a brighter side of the life in the UK, added Elwes.

Abu Haron the refugee from Sudan arrived at the UK in 2010. He was aged 16 then and was unable to communicate in the English language. One day he received a letter that invited him for a walk with UK woman Anneke Elwes for a walk through the Hampstead Heath Park. Their introduction was facilitated by the UK charity Freedom from Torture’s befriending service.

Haron said that all the family members of Elwes offered a warm welcome to him and treated him as a son. Several immigrants do not have this privilege, added Haron.

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