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Maldives welcomes everyone with free tourist visas

Posted on July 28, 2015
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The beautiful country of the Maldives welcomes everyone with open arms. Accordingly the Maldives is one of the easiest countries in terms of visa and immigration arrangements.

Any tourist from any nationality is granted a free 30-day visa on arrival to the Maldives. Hence, there is no need to undergo any hassle with regards to obtaining a prior visa. Once visitors reach the airport, Immigration personnel will assist with the visa procedures.

Obtaining a Tourist Visa

The free 30-day visa is granted upon complying with the following procedures. Visitors should have:

•A valid passport or travel document authorized by a sovereign state.

•A valid return ticket to exit the Maldives.

•The financial capacity to cover the expenses for the duration of the stay or a confirmed reservation from a tourist hotel or resort in the Maldives. The financial capacity is measured at the rate of US$150 per day.

Visa Conditions

The Department of Immigration and Emigration reserves the right to issue a visa for any number of days, not exceeding the 30-day limit. The Immigration department reserves the right to deport any person using the tourist visa to work in the Maldives, participate or incite unlawful activities, disrupt the political and religious harmony of the country, or become a nuisance to the public. So relax, enjoy, and behave.

Extending a Tourist Visa

The free 30-day visa period can be extended for a further 60 days, totaling 90 days including the original free visa period of 30 days. To extend the tourist visa tourists must complete a “Visa Extension Application Form” with the Department of Immigration and Emigration, before the free 30-day visa expires. The Department of Immigration and Emigration will re-evaluate the financial capacity of the applicant, and in addition a fee of MVR 750 (US$49) will be levied for a visa extension.

It really is that easy to visit the Maldives, so start packing!

Maldives welcomes everyone with free tourist visas

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