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Master’s degree in the US can boost your H-1B chances

Posted on May 15, 2019
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Overseas students in the US including Indians who complete a Master’s degree will have higher chances of obtaining the H-1B Visa. This is according to the Immigration Experts in the US. It is due to the new Visa policy that has been launched from April this year, they added.

Y-Axis Study Overseas Expert Vasanta Jaganatan said that the H-1B program is facing challenges at present. Any policy that prioritizes students pursuing advanced degrees in the US will be very beneficial for Indians. This is because they represent 20% of the total overseas students in the US, added the Expert. It will be interesting to see the manner in which Indian students in the US can have better chances of obtaining H-1B Visas. This is under the changes scenario, said Jaganatan.

The 20,000 capped H-1B Visas for Master’s degree holders are only accessible to those with a Post-graduate or higher degree. This is from an educational institution in the US that is accredited nationally or not-for-profit.

The new Visa policy has changed the manner in which the general lottery draw for 65,000 Visas will be held. Both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s and higher degree holders will now participate in this draw. After this, the Master’s cap will be held and is restricted for only those with advanced degrees.

In the past, 20,000 applicants with Master’s and higher degrees would have exited the system by the time the regular draw was held. This would offer better chances to other applicants with a Bachelor’s degree. However, now there will be more applicants with an advanced degree in the regular draw. This will obviously result in a disadvantage for those who have only a Bachelor’s degree.

The eligibility requirements for participating students are the same, as quoted by the Hindu. However, those planning to apply for the H-1B with a Bachelor’s degree will be at a disadvantage. This is due to the larger pool of applicants participating in the draw with Masters and advanced degrees.

Fresh Indian students with a Master’s degree in the US may now receive the H-1B Visas over skilled tech workers from India. This is due to the changed policy that prioritizes advanced US degrees.

IT workers in India rarely pursue advanced degrees in the US. The new policy aims to prioritize US degree over valuable work experience or skills obtained in overseas nations like India or others.

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