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Most Affordable Canadian Universities of 2021

Posted on January 23, 2021
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Most Affordable Canadian Universities

If you are planning to study in Canada, then you must be wondering about the cost of studying here and whether there are any affordable universities in Canada. Let us tell you that tuition fees in Canada vary by organization and region, but typically the cost is more affordable than in many countries around the world. Technical and medical courses are more expensive than art courses. The average tuition fees can range from CAD 7,000 to CAD 35,000 per year for an international student.

Public universities and colleges in Canada offer courses that are more affordable than the ones offered in private universities but you will have to do some research to find courses that are affordable. The most famous Canadian universities such as the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University and the University of Alberta have reasonable fees and are regarded as good as Ivy league colleges and other universities across the world.

To help you, here is a look at the most affordable universities in Canada for 2021.

1. Brandon University

Brandon University conducts Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in arts, sciences, education, music, and health studies. Based in Manitoba, Brandon University also conducts outreach programs in a personalized environment.

Degree Type                          Tuition Fees

Undergraduate                    CAD 10,231

Post Graduate                        CAD 4,960

2. Universite de Saint-Boniface

Located at Nova Scotia the university offers programs in Administration, Business, Education, English, Sciences and Health Sciences, and French immersion studies. The university has an intake of  320 full-time students, 140 part-time, and 50 international students every year.

Degree Type                  Tuition Fees

Diploma                           CAD14,612

Undergraduate                CAD 9,585 

3. University of Guelph

The university offers nearly 130 master’s degrees and more than 90 undergraduate degrees. The university has campuses in Guelph, Toronto and Ridgetown. It admits more than 1,400 international students from more than 120 countries.

Degree Type                           Tuition Fees

Undergraduate                       CAD 16,347

Post Graduate                          CAD 15,178

4. University of Regina

The University of Regina offers more than 120 undergraduate programs and 78 graduate programs, including specialized programs such as police studies and public policy.  The range of courses offered by the university vary from business administration, engineering, science to applied sciences.

Degree Type                          Tuition Fees

Diploma                              CAD16,522

Undergraduate                    CAD 16,522

Post Graduate                      CAD 12,855

5. University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)

UNBC offers various undergraduate and master’s programs in the field of sciences, health, economics, the environment etc. UNBC has 11% of international students of total students in academic programs.. UNBC has 11% of international students of total students in academic programs.

Degree Type         Tuition Fees

Diploma                 CAD 24640

Undergraduate    CAD 24640

6. University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s 15 leading research-intensive universities in fields such as law, engineering, nursing, and more, offering both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Degree Type           Tuition Fees

Undergraduate       CAD 13,530

Post Graduate         CAD 5,048

7. University of Regina

The University of Regina offers more than 120 undergraduate and 78 graduate programs, including many specialized programs such as police studies and public policy for international students. The courses are offered through 10 faculties, 25 academic departments and schools, 18 research centers, and 3 colleges.

Degree Type            Tuition Fees

Diploma                    CAD 16,522

Undergraduate         CAD 16,522

Post Graduate          CAD 12,855

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