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Most Affordable Germany Universities of 2021

Posted on January 28, 2021
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Germany is an ideal study abroad destination, factors in support include- education system of high quality, opportunity to learn a new language, an unforgettable experience of living and studying in the country.

 Germany has several universities offering courses in a range of subjects. These universities have minimum tuition fees while some are free of cost. International students can opt for courses in a range of subjects from Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, or Business.

The USP of German universities are a combination of high-quality education with a unique cultural environment and experience. These factors attract many international students to the country.

Here are 10 great reasons to choose Germany for your Study Abroad destination:

  1. No tuition fees in most universities while others have minimum fees
  2. Highly qualified staff who offer world class teaching
  3. Choice of hundreds of academic courses
  4. Students from all over the world create cultural diversity
  5. Opportunity to learn the German language
  6. Numerous options to work in the country once your course is over
  7. Option to take the courses in English
  8. Affordable cost of living during your stay

If you want quality education at an affordable price, then Germany is your perfect choice. What makes German universities stand out are universities with zero or minimal tuition fees.

In Germany, the public universities don’t charge tuition fees.  In fact, there are no tuition fees for undergraduate courses in certain universities. However, students of post-graduate programs have to pay tuition fees but they have access to scholarships.

Germany draws more than 380,000 foreign students per year and one of the key reasons is that most publicly funded universities are free to attend, apart from a nominal semester fees to cover administrative expenses, semester ticket costs and the union fees.

Apart from this, German universities charge a fee of around 1,500 Euros from non-EU students. In spite of these charges, German universities are affordable in relation to studying in universities in other countries.

Here is a list of ten affordable universities for international students:

  1. University of Hamburg
  2. Humboldt University of Berlin
  3. Free University of Berlin
  4. Technical University of Munich
  5. Ludwig Maximilians University
  6. Karlsruher Institute of Technology
  7. Heidelberg University
  8. Technical University of Berlin
  9. Darmstadt University of Technology
  • University of Stuttgart
  1. University of Hamburg

Hamburg University was established in the year 1919. It provides enough opportunities for study, and a wide variety of programs. It offers about 225 degree programs in 8 faculties-law, business administration, medical, education, psychology and human activity studies, humanities; mathematics, computer science and natural science; and accounting, economics and social sciences.

  1. 2. Humboldt University of Berlin

The Humboldt University Berlin was established in 1810 and is one of the oldest universities in Berlin. The University offers a wide variety of classes. All major topics are covered from the arts and humanities to theology and philosophy to law, medicine and science.

  1. Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin)

The Free University of Berlin was founded in 1948, and is a leading research institution in Germany. The university has 12 departments in education, and three main interdisciplinary institutions.

It supports study trips abroad and exchange programs for students as it has academic collaborations with top universities in the United States, Japan, South Korea and the UK. The primary teaching medium is German but it also provides English-language courses at the master level.

  1. Technical University of Munich

Founded in 1868, this university has since produced about 17 Nobel laureates. STEM fields are one of its areas of specialization, and foreign students with an interest in those fields may apply for tuition-free studies.

  1. Ludwig Maximilians University

It has been ranked among the world’s top 100 universities and has generated more than 40 Nobel laureates. The public-research university is one of the oldest in Germany and, at present, with over 50,000 students, one of the largest in terms of student population. It provides courses ranging from business to physical sciences, law, and medicine. It offers tuition-free education to international students.

  1. Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT)

The Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT) is a young public research university that was established only recently in 2009 and located in in Karlsruhe in Southern Germany. Despite it age, the institution has grown to be among the largest institutes of higher education in Germany and has become one of Europe’s leading centers for engineering and natural science.

  1. Heidelberg University

Officially known as Ruprecht Karls Universitat Heidelberg, Heidelberg University is a renowned public research university located in the German province of Heidelberg. It was founded in 1386, making it one of the oldest existing universities in the world. It is also one of the highest rated universities in Germany and in the world.

  1. Technical University of Berlin

Founded as a research university in 1879, the university has expanded to a current population of about 200 different courses and programs of 34,000 students. The university is focused on technology-based programs and is a member of Germany’s TU9-Technology Focus Institutes.

  1. Darmstadt University of Technology

The Technical University of Darmstadt (formally known as the Technical University of Darmstadt -TU Darmstadt) is a prestigious academic institution in the city of Darmstadt, situated in central Germany established in 1877. TU Darmstadt is also a member of Germany’s reputed TU9 network and is well-known for computer science education and IT studies.

  1. University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart was ranked 263rd in QS World University Rankings 2016-17. It was established in 1829 and currently offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a broad range of subjects gaining worldwide reputation for its excellent education in the fields of technology, engineering, and natural sciences. The school offers tuition-free education except for a few mandatory fees charge per student, which is not tuition fees.

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