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Most affordable universities in Europe

Posted on May 24, 2022
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Study in Europe

The standard of living in many countries has set examples all across the world. It is progressive in terms of society, technology, and education. Europe is one such region that is economically stable and growing.

The students wanting to study in Europe are often hesitant to apply due to the expenses they would have to bear. The academic and living costs act as a deterrent for the students and their guardians. You need not worry, though. There are many colleges in Europe that provide quality and affordable education.

Europe has multiple universities which are affordable and offers study programs that students desiring to study there can explore. Here is a list of the 10 most affordable universities in Europe.

  1. Scuola Normale Superiore

The Scuola Normale Superiore is the first on the list of affordable universities in Europe. It is one of the top-rated colleges in Italy and in all of Europe. The school offers three major study programs for undergraduate students, that is, natural science, humanities, and political science.

The study program of humanities offers experts in subjects such as the history of art, paleography, linguistics, philosophy, and archaeology, modern literature. The school of science provides study programs in chemistry, biology, and physics.

Scuola Normale provides education free of cost for international students. The school covers living expenses such as residential facilities and food. You need not pay anything if you choose to study here except your personal expenses.

  1. Sant’Anna

Sant’Anna earns the second position on our list of cheapest universities in Europe. This school has two primary programs. They are:

  • Experimental & applied sciences
  • Social sciences

Although some courses are taught in English, you need to know basic Italian to study at this university.

The effort you will put into learning Italian will pay off. The cost of tuition in this college is free, and your living expenses will be covered as well. You will love living and studying in the school of Pisa, for free. The school is the perfect option for you if you want to study in Europe for no cost.

  1. University of Berlin

The tuition at the Free University of Berlin lives up to its name. It is actually free. You only need to pay the living expenses such as food and rent. In Berlin, the expenses are approximately 700 Euros per month, which is equivalent to less than 800 USD per month.

This school is one of the least expensive schools in Europe that teaches in English. The university offers a BA or Bachelor of Arts program with English as the medium of instruction.

  1. University of Göttingen

Germany is the hub of free schooling, and the University of Göttingen is one of the many universities in Europe that does not require tuition fees from international students. The university has study programs in law, humanities, natural science, and social science. Some of the programs are taught in English. It also has one of the more resourceful libraries in Germany.

The university only charges a nominal administrative fee of approximately 300 Euros each semester. It amounts to 335 USD for the entire semester of the study program. The cost of living in Göttingen is equal to the expense of living in Berlin for close 700 Euros, or approximately 800 USD per month. You only need to bear the cost of living in that place.

  1. RWTH Aachen University

The Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen or RWTH Aachen University offers study programs in geo-resources, architecture, and materials engineering. All the undergraduate study programs are taught in German. Therefore, you need to have the essential fluency to study in this school in Germany.

This school charges no tuition fee. It charges a nominal student organization and processing fee of 260 Euros or 290 USD per semester. The approximate cost of living is close to800 Euros each month, or less than 900 USD.

  1. The University of Vienna

Another place in Europe that offers less expensive education is Vienna, Austria. The University of Vienna does not charge tuition fees. It requires a minimal processing fee of 730 Euros or 815 USD for each semester. There are close to two-hundred study programs one can choose from, and many are conducted in English. The University has a rich history and is one of the oldest universities in the world. It was established in 1365. The city of Vienna is famous for its culture and architecture.

  1. Nord University

The Norwegian university is publicly funded, and thereby, the Nord University does not charge any fees for tuition.

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, you need to give proof of possessing sufficient funds to cover your expenses for one year in Norway. You need to have the evidence of funds to be issued the study visa of Norway. The cost of living in Norway for a year is approximately 13,000 USD.

Although the cost of living in Norway is a bit higher than in other places on this list, the value of studying at the Norwegian University is worth it. This university is one of the least expensive universities in Europe that teaches in English.

The programs which are taught in English consist of Animation, 3D art, Circumpolar Studies, and Entertainment Technology and Games, English, and Biology.

  1. Nantes University

If you wish to study in France, the Nantes University offers the least expensive study programs in the country. The University of Nantes charges a minimal processing fee of 184 Euros or 200 USD per semester. The cost of living in Nantes is less. It would cost around 600 Euros or 670 USD per month.

Nantes University offers various study programs which are taught in English. It includes earth science, biology, literature, ancient civilizations, foreign languages, and European and international studies.

  1. University of Paris-Sud

The University of Paris-Sud is one of the least expensive universities in Europe. They charge a nominal fee for processing amounting to 170 Euros or 190 USD per semester. The programs which are taught in English include natural science, economics, physics, management, and languages.

The location of Paris is a plus point. The French culture and adventures are once in a lifetime experiences. The cost of living in Paris is a bit high since it is such a famous and large city.

  1. University of Athens

The University of Athens is the oldest university in Greece. The undergraduate programs in the school vary from music studies to dentistry. They also offer nursing studies. The university has Greek architecture and columns on its campus.

Athens, the Greek city, has ancient ruins all over the city. The average cost of living in Athens is 800 USD per month. Sometimes, it can go as low as 500 USD.

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