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The Myth and Truth of life, after going abroad for newbies

Posted on September 20, 2019
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Chances are high that this is probably the first time you are going abroad for study/work. You must have had a perception of the place in your mind. This perception is probably based on listening to people around you, watching movies and the little knowledge you have.

You must also be thinking that going abroad and studying or working there is much easier than doing it here. If these are your thoughts, you certainly know nothing. If you are either planning to go abroad or going abroad soon, there are 5 stages of personal emotions which everyone will go through.

Let’s see what these 5 stages are.

Peak Stage: This stage is probably characterised with the first set of emotions which develop as soon as you land there. Everything around you seems fascinating and leaves you in ‘Awe’. You are very excited about things and people around.

Homesick Stage: This is a stage which leaves you in low spirits when you begin missing your home, family and friends. You are no more excited with the new place and you start feeling lonely.

Adjustment Stage: This is a stage where you begin adjusting to the place as you have started becoming familiar with things and people around you. You will slowly start liking the new culture and start blending in. This is when you will start making new friends.

Coming back Stage: This is a stage where you are not comfortable returning to your homeland. This is where your home land seems like a foreign country to you. You will again start feeling low just like in stage 2.

Revival Stage: This stage is where you become re-familiar with your friends, family and things in your homeland. This stage is where you feel that life is all about change and realize that only a person who can accept change can become successful.

However, there is no particular time frame for each of the above stages but to overcome the challenges of each stage you must begin to prepare your mind for surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant.

There are a lot of training programs that train you on overcoming majority of the above issues.

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