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Make Netherlands your destiny with a creative instinct and a business idea that is involving

Posted on April 12, 2017
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Business in Netherland

Great things happen in a business when it is well aligned and it connects with the right people. If your vision is to be successful in your business with a simple strategy you intend to move then make Netherlands your destiny. The fact is business men and women are called dreamers it is because they are the ones who do not sleep till they see their plans into executions.

Making relevant results out of the business you would like start is an art. So have something requisite with you remember if you have the goods and the best place for the dispatch and deliverables is Netherlands. The Dutch Business culture is not very rigorous but relatively very flexible. You will find openness and a horizontal business structure in the Dutch business culture. Existing Dutch business are absolutely pragmatic and have an extremely talented workforce. The best part is for every business there are specialists who make things absolutely diverse and gets things moving.

Dutch businesses are successful because of the egalitarianism always being displayed in fact suggestions and exchange of ideas is always welcome and this has made businesses to flourish well. Above all honesty and reliability are the key factors on which businesses in the Netherlands sail smooth.

Requirements to acquire a Netherlands short stay visa

  • A clear purpose of visit
  • A valid passport
  • An invite letter from the business employer
  • An MVV application duly filled by the applicant
  • A certificate from the employer stating your allowance into Netherlands.
  • Any previous trade ties with the employer in Netherlands should be mentioned
  • Business bank statements for the past 6 months
  • Trade license
  • Partnership documents
  • Applicant’s expenses during their stay in Netherlands

If it is the first time applying for a short term C-type visas it is advised to make it in person. Make sure to take a prior appointment submit all the documents. The visa will be granted for 3 Months initially. And then you may apply for an extension during your stay there in Netherlands, and also submit a valid reason why the extension is being requested. This is a Netherlands Single Entry Visa type, a multiple entry visas can also be availed after the validity of the single entry is done.

The alternative is the Orange Carpet Visa Facility (OCVF) this is applicable when there are mutual ties with companies in the Netherlands. This visa category will be used by the employer to apply on behalf of the applicant. Here the visa is granted for 3 years.

Business in the Netherlands can be extremely impeccable in the streams of Science, Food, and Electronics. Industries can be raised such as a Chemical industry, Water technology, and any other engineering type. Other businesses such as international trade and efficient export and research establishments can be set up in Netherlands. Any small medium and large scale industries would also flourish well. Simply means a great platform for innovative ideas with immeasurable opportunities.

Netherlands is a country renowned to recover from an economic slump within a shortest time. And is currently an absolute exuberant platform for startups and any other business ventures. Above all Netherland’s economy has a keen international eye making it a hub for any sort of international trade and business innovation positioning it amongst the top best business based countries in the world.

Bring your plans and we would enable you to bring your innovative ideas to life. Walk into our offices and you will experience that execution is everything with Y-Axis, World’s famous Immigration Consultancy.

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