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Explore the New Zealand Investor program where opportunities are relatively high

Posted on April 24, 2017
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New Zealand Investors Visas

The beautiful of New Zealand makes you want to applaud. And for the fourth consecutive time, it is ranked the best country in the world. New Zealand’s unmatched quality of life and exceptional business ambience it creates for any innovative idea is unprecedented. If you are a savvy investor and an entrepreneur with zeal to explore the best opportunities you should make use of this unique path and transform into a well-developed business.

New Zealand sets the platform right for investors and entrepreneurs can receive best of both the worlds. You have the most feasible access to contribute the best to a developing economy. In fact the easiest country to start any type of business. Moreover, the government backs every legal business activity. Some of the beneficial characteristics on which you can depend upon are:

  • The best convenient infrastructure
  • Best transport facilities
  • Good and dependable logistics
  • Well developed mediums of telecommunications
  • Absolute low risk
  • A well-progressing environment
  • Well-sponsored business networks
  • Best public enabled mechanisms
  • Highly skilled workforce

If everything is in place you may want to invest in a start-up or even you might want to buy shares the idea might be anything the returns will be worth and satisfactory. The business investor immigration visas are generally of two types. Investor 1 category is called the investor plus visa and you intend to invest $NZ10 million or more, the other beneficial program is the Investor 2 category to invest a minimum of NZ$1.5 million over four years periodically.

Key points about the Investor visas

Investor visa (Investor 2)

  • Investor visa enables you to invest the amount in New Zealand dollars over a period of 4 years
  • Proof of assets worth NZ$ 1 million has to be presented
  • You will need to possess a 3-year business experience in the relevant business category.
  • English Language proficiency is mandate
  • Spouse and dependent children are also included in this category
  • The maximum age of the applicant should be 65 years
  • The visa will be issued in terms of points
  • A well-written expression of interest is mandate
  • The transfer for investment can happen through any banking system

Investor plus (Investor 1)

  • The investment can be made in three years
  • Required amount for investment is $NZ10 million and more
  • You should be staying at least 44 days each year in New Zealand
  • And you should spend every 146 days during your stay in New Zealand.
  • The language proficiency requirement is mandated for the applicant
  • English language requirements are key for spouse and children below the age of 25

The investment choices are many and there is stability and security especially when you dedicate your time and depend upon available resources. New Zealand has absolute considerable rules and taxes. All you should be having is the desired confidence. Investments can be made into streams such as

  • Information Technology
  • Tourism
  • Film finances
  • Special effects production houses
  • Biotechnology
  • Wood based technology
  • Agriculture and Cultivation Technology

Discover why New Zealand is a great place where you can enjoy life at the same time contribute sufficient amount of time towards your career. Not just for elders, it is the best place for the bring up of children. To experience a benevolent career in New Zealand you will need someone who is reliable and the best from the rest which is Y-Axis the world best Immigration Consultant in the world. We care for your choices as much as you do.

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