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New Zealand Visa options – Temporary and Permanent Resident

Posted on August 1, 2018
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New Zealand Visa

Overseas immigrants planning to immigrate to the Land of Kiwis have several New Zealand Visa options to choose from. These are broadly classified under 2 pathways:

  • New Zealand Temporary Visas
  • New Zealand Permanent Residency Visas

New Zealand Temporary Visas are again sub-classified into several categories. The chief among them are:

NZ Working Holiday Visa:

It permits individuals in the age category of 18 to 30 years to travel and work for up to 1 year. Children are not allowed to be accompanied with this visa option.

NZ Essential Skills Visa:

This is for overseas workers who have a job offer by an employer in New Zealand. They must also possess the required experience or training. The employer must demonstrate the inability to find local workers in the nation for the position. It is issued for 1 or 3 or 5 years.

NZ Silver Fern Visa:

It is a 9-month visa for highly skilled 20 to 35 years old individuals that can be extended for 2 years. This is for those who are seeking jobs in New Zealand. It has a ceiling of 300 per year.

New Zealand Permanent Residency Visas are also sub-categorized under 2 pathways:

  • New Zealand Work to Residence Visas
  • New Zealand Skill Migrant Visas

The NZ Work to Residence Visas has some important pathways:

NZ Work Visa (Long Term Skill Shortage List):

This Visa permits you to work for 2.5 years if your skills are on the shortage list for long-term. You can apply for New Zealand PR after 2 years, as quoted by the Irish Times.

NZ Talent Work Visa (Accredited Employers):

It is for overseas workers who possess a job offer from an accredited employer in New Zealand. However, their occupation is not on the list of skills shortage. You can apply for New Zealand PR after 2 years.

NZ Talent Work Visa (Arts, Culture, and Sports):

This Visa is for individuals with recognized abilities and talents in the fields of Sports, Culture, and Arts. They must possess the support of an organization in New Zealand with a national reputation in the respective fields of talents of the immigrant applicants. A sponsor will also be required by the immigrants.

NZ Entrepreneur Work Visa:

It is for individuals who intend to establish a Business in New Zealand as a pathway to gain PR. Applicants will need a minimum investment of 100,000 NZ$ and a comprehensive plan for Business.

NZ Skilled Migrant Visas:

This category offers New Zealand PR to workers whose skills are demanded under any one of the lists for skill shortages. However, they do not have a job offer prior to arrival. They must be below 55 years, be healthy, with the ability to speak English and of good character.

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