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Newsletter 1 February 2012

Posted on February 3, 2012
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Changes to Australia 457 visa rules for solving skills shortage

Australia has introduced changes to its 457 visa program for addressing severe shortage of skilled workforce in the nation. By the year 2015, Australian tourism sector is expected to witness around 56,000 vacant job positions calling for immediate steps to fill these by hiring international workers. Read More Articles:


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Canadian Provincial Nominee Program Works

A new study by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reveals that most Canadian immigrants selected under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are succeeding in the country. Read more at

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Chef crisis hits Christchurch

The Christchurch Mail reports that Christchurch is facing a severe shortage of chefs, prompting Hospitality New Zealand to lobby the Government to add chefs to the Canterbury Skills Shortage list.

New Zealand Entrepreneur-plus Visa

There is another way to get Residency status in a faster way and it is via Entrepreneur-plus. Read blog to check the NZ Entrepreneur-plus Visa Eligibility Criteria.Read More articles on New Zealand Immigration on

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U.K. plans to “cherry-pick” immigrants

Wealthy immigrants and “world class” artists, musicians and intellectuals are to be given preference under plans designed to attract “the brightest and best” to Britain while keeping out those likely to be a burden on the state.

Ireland launches start up visa program

Ireland is to launch a dedicated start up visa program for non-EU entrepreneurs to set their company up in Ireland. Read More for the main requirements.

Changes coming to UK Tier 1 and Tier 4 visa programs

The UK immigration department has announced several changes for UK Tier 4 and Tier 1 visas.A new document has been issued by the UKBA(UK Border Agency) revealing reviews made to UK visa rules including those for UK Tier 4 Sponsorship visa.Read More articles at


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Health care, IT and skilled trades are the Canadian jobs of the future

Recruiters are very busy trying to find qualified candidates.The ideal candidate would have the right technology background, good communication skills and project management experience and job applicants who have all three “are getting multiple offers.”Read more at

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India third on US immigrant waiting list

India forms about eight% of the overall immigrant waiting list, with about 3.43 lakh Indians waiting to find their way to the country of their dreams. India is at the third position, preceded by Mexico and Philippines, at number one and two respectively. The two countries account for about 40% of the overall immigrant waiting list.Read our articles on blog.y-axis.comRead Articles about Denmark & the Danish Green Card:


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Post Graduate Self-employed Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program

The popular destination Hong Kong has several schemes, if you are looking to establish yourself in the place, after completing your studies. Post completing one’s graduation, there is the liberty to take one’s spouses and deponent children to the nation. Children or relatives below 18 years are eligible under this program. Read More articles on Hong Kong at

Read articles for news from Europe on ukblog.y-axis.comExpats read articles at

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US to issue 14% more visas for Indians

The US has taken a number of steps to simplify and quicken visa process and target 14% yearly increase in travellers from India that would help further strengthen business and political ties.Visit for more consulate news and visa updates

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Canadian student visa rules relaxed

Recent changes to limited student visas for foreign masters and PhD students now allow them to find work in their respective fields while completing their postgraduate degrees – a change that some companies are using as a recruitment tool – eliminating restrictions on working off campus in their chosen professions.

Indian students welcomed to U.K

Foreign Secretary William Hague on Thursday welcomed India’s “best and brightest” students to come to Britain as he launched the India Institute at King’s College, London.

‘Indian overseas students shifting towards different courses’

With trends changing across the world, preference of students was also shifting towards several new specialised courses in fine arts, science, health, hospitality and bioinformatics of late, Association of Accredited Advisors on Overseas Education (AAAOE) said Read More Articles: and


Employers encouraged to offer permanent jobs

Employers are encouraged to consider converting their contract employees to permanent staff if they are found suitable for the job and if the job is expected to be available on a permanent basis. This will provide greater employment certainty to employees and help to enhance employee engagement.Read More articles on Singapore at


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