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The pathway to immigrate into New Zealand for citizenship

Posted on April 11, 2017
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New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

New Zealand has come a long way from being a vacation destination for billionaires of Silicon Valley such as Peter Thiel to the nation that is emerging as the favorite overseas destination for several immigrants across the world. Of late several US, nationals are also getting affectionate towards this nation after the recent US Presidential elections that saw Donald Trump emerge as the winner.

Since November 2016, the applications for citizenship of New Zealand from US nationals have surged to an all-time high. While evaluating with the same period in the previous year, the citizenship applications have increased by 70%.

In case you are also one among the several prospective applicants for to New Zealand PR, here are the actual steps that you need to follow to immigrate to the nation:

It all begins with your choice of visa for securing New Zealand PR

Your journey to secure New Zealand PR begins with your choice. The immigration office in New Zealand would first and foremost like to know the objective for which you intend to immigrate to the nation, whether it is to study, invest, work or join your family. Your choice will determine the type of visa that you will have to apply and process for yourself.

It is good to possess a job offer if you intend to immigrate for work

New Zealand has diverse options for you in terms of visa if in case you already have a job offer. The most renowned visas for immigrants are Long Term Skill Shortage Visas and Skilled Migrant Visa. The latter visa is for immigrants who possess skills that would facilitate economic growth of New Zealand and intend to reside there permanently.

People who possess skills that match with one of the jobs mentioned in the immigration site can apply for the Skill Shortage visa for Long Term.

The Skill Shortage Visa for Long Term is the apt choice for PR seekers

This permits immigrants to be employed for 30 months in New Zealand in a job for which the nation is facing scarcity of talents. Once an immigrant completes 24 months in the job, he/she is qualified to apply for the permanent residency in New Zealand. They are also eligible to apply for a further provisional work visa.

The catalog of required skills is quite comprehensive. This includes engineering, construction, health, finance and social services. In case if your skills are not included in the list, you can still apply through entertainment, sports, and arts.

Now you have to apply

After you collate all the required documents that include employment history, references, health test reports and birth certificates, you can submit the option either by mail or online. The Immigration office of New Zealand says that it takes 23 days to process paper applications while it takes 25 days for online applications.

You can be positive as you have excellent likelihood of getting approval

The analysis of last ten years visa applications reveals that New Zealand is approving more visas than rejecting them. In 2016 New Zealand approved applications around 147, 535 while rejecting 9, 753 applications.

Once your Work Permit to New Zealand gets approved, there are certain suggestions for you.

It is advisable to find a provisional residence before you zero in a more permanent residence, especially if in case you expect that you will be moving around frequently in the period of initial two years.

It is also recommended by the New Zealand Immigration office to have a fresh bank account prior to getting busier with other aspects of your new life in New Zealand.

If you are looking to Migrate, Study, Visit, Invest or Work in New Zealand, contact Y-Axis, the world’s most trusted Immigration & Visa Consultant.

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    i,m graduate and retirted government officer.My country is pakistan and now i wants to immigration in newzealand with my 2 kids, thweir ages are 13 and 15.
    pl guide me how can i settle in newzealand with my family. I am divorced person.


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