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New Zealand invites global entrepreneur talent

Posted on May 10, 2017
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New Zealand Immigration

The beginning of the year 2017 came like a blessing in disguise for all visionary entrepreneurs, startup teams, and investors who were presented with the responsibility to solve global problems with New Zealand as the core foundation. Above all this golden opportunity was calling for the locals who are welcome to contribute their ideas unanimously.

Ever since the Edmund Hillary Fellowship was launched on 31st January 2017. The dual partnership program with the New Zealand Immigration has attracted over 400 applications thus far inclusive of 20 locals each year. The program brings together visionary leaders who present new models globally useful for the inhabitants currently and also the generations to come.

The program is a scheduled for 3 years to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. This brings a different approach towards business globally. The immigration of New Zealand introduces the Global impact visa which is a 3-year open Work Visa post which the path to residency is absolutely feasible.

Key to Edmund Hillary Fellowship

The program addresses to scale global challenges and ventures. The EHF is scheduled with frequent conventions, demo days, Humongous learning opportunities and brilliant stage to express fresh views and ideas. This opportunity paves way for you to start up a new venture or even access New Zealand’s accessible markets.

Investors and Entrepreneurs would experience a wide range of global networks of mentors, partners, investors and scores of innovation hubs. The EHF will broaden your opportunities and through that individual support, you get introduced to talent accelerators, hubs for research excellence and other Research and Development scholarships.

 How can you apply

  • Applications are open throughout the year
  • It would take 30 minutes to duly fill the application
  • The program cycle is scheduled every 6 months
  • Your application will be scrutinized
  • Application fees for entrepreneurs is $850 NZD
  • Application fees for entrepreneurs is $ 3000 NZD
  • Key criterion will be to fit the income bracket
  • The program is for individuals and also for a team
  • After you apply the EHF team will get back to you after 25 days after the submission of the application online.


  • After the application is thoroughly verified
  • The EHF team responds for the application submitted
  • You receive an invitation to apply for the Global Impact Visa
  • High level of English proficiency is mandate
  • Evidence of good character and health is needed
  • Proof of income $ 36,000NZD that supports your well-being during your first year of stay.
  • Spouse and Dependent children are also welcome but a separate visa has to be applied.

Requirements for the Visa

  • A valid passport
  • Two recent photographs
  • Birth certificate
  • A chest X-ray and through medical examination certificate
  • Your offer letter from the EHF will state your proficiency in English after you take the language test
  • Proof of assets with an approximate valuation of $36,000 NZD is needed
  • Attach the acceptance letter

New Zealand is looking for the best innovative minds across the globe to make a global impact. Lately, 311 applications have reached the Edmund Hillary Fellowship for processing the next opportunity would be open from the last week of May and closes on the 30th of September 2017.

If you have innovative ideas and you have the confidence that you can help resolve global challenges. Make use of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, and make no haste to bring your needs to Y-Axis the World’s Best Visa Consultant and immigration expertise.

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    I am interested to apply for an opportunity in Canada. I am 50 + and Indian.

    • Y-Axis

      Dear David Luther, Thank You for your interest.
      Please e-mail us your contact details to One of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively, call us at 7670 800 000 for immediate assistance.

      Y-Axis Overseas Careers.


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