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Why 70% of the Overseas Students in Germany want to get PR Visa?

Posted on May 24, 2018
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Germany PR Visa

The survey held by Studying in Germany Org has revealed that 70% of the Overseas Students in Germany want to obtain the PR Visa. They want to stay back in Germany and work in this wonderful nation of opportunities.

Germany is increasingly emerging as the top attraction for overseas students owing to its excellent and higher quality of education along with nearly free-tuition education. It exceeded its long-term plan to host 350,000 plus overseas students in 2018 by 2015 itself, as quoted by the Studying in Germany Org.

Students that participated in the survey were first asked to list 4 common reasons for choosing Germany over other nations. Predictably, the maximum respondents (35%) said that free-tuition German education was the main factor. The next factor for choosing the nation for their overseas studies was German universities with high-quality academic staff (30%).

The attractiveness of Germany for Overseas Students is also getting enhanced as many of its universities are expanding the number of programs offered in English. 21% of the respondents highlighted the factor of English programs. 15% of them said that they chose Germany because of its natural serenity.

It is crucial to have a detailed financial plan as an aspiring overseas student. The fact that Germany does not charge any tuition fee and permits part-time jobs makes it more affordable. Students who participated in the survey said that they chose Germany also because it allows part-time work. This facilitates to cover a part of the expenses during studies.

Germany is also a destination with lucrative career options. The survey revealed that a high number of students would prefer to obtain a Germany PR visa. They would like to remain in this nation and work after completing their studies.

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