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Popular Countries to pursue studies in Europe

Posted on August 7, 2018
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Popular Countries to pursue studies in Europe

Europe is housed with some of the best universities that have world-class infrastructure and good academic curriculum. The universities are recognized to offer study programs in English due to which the international students worldwide enroll every year in huge numbers.

 The website master portal has listed some of the popular countries in Europe, where students can enjoy international study adventure.

1Germany: German universities are well acclaimed for their high employability rate, modern technology, high academic standards, and world-class research. Germany has the best universities ranked on basis of excellent teaching and a student satisfaction. Adding a feather to the cap, students who enroll to study at a public university are exempted from tuition fee. Berlin, Munich, Koln, and Frankfurt are some of the German cities to look out for studies.

2Netherlands: It is one of the European countries that welcome a large number of international students. The Netherlands offer more study programs in English than Dutch. Most of the study degrees correlate to current issues and discoveries in the literature sphere so that the students become experts in their chosen sphere.

 Amsterdam and Maastricht are the two popular university cities in Netherlands.

3. Austria: Austria is one of the safest countries in the world. The Universities here endeavor to assist students with low or no tuition fee. Students studying at some of the best universities in Austria experience high class and elegant environment.

 Vienna and Salzburg are the main cities in Austria to offer some of the best study programs.

4. Spain: Spain is well known for the affordable cost of living and low tuition fees. The friendly environment and warm climate of the country enable students to experience the beauty of nature. There are a number of Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees that offer study programs in English apart from Spanish.

Madrid, Barcelona, and Marbella are the cities that have the largest number of international students.

5. Italy: Italy has some of the best universities that have received accolades for Arts, Architecture and World history. So, the large number of international students and tourists throng every year for study and visit. The world-class teaching, low cost of living, delicious cuisine, and scenic destinations make Italy an ideal place to explore.

 Milano, Florence, and Bologna are some popular cities in Italy.

6. Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are some of the Scandinavian countries known worldwide. The vibrant and dynamic environment, program based learning, teacher-friendly approach, study for free, and course curriculum in English makes these countries special for foreign students to study.

Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Oslo are some the major cities here.

7. Poland: It is a top European country to have the highest literacy. The country is well known for imparting quality education particularly in spheres like Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology. The cost of living is also very low that enable students to save their expenses.

Krakow and Warsaw are the popular student cities.

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