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PR visa and its benefits

Posted on October 24, 2019
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If you want to settle or migrate to another country, you will need to get a Permanent Resident Visa or PR visa. This is different from a temporary visa which has a validity of only a few years after which you will have to move out. With a permanent visa, you can migrate to a country, stay there and subsequently apply for citizenship. In some countries a PR visa eventually leads to citizenship of that country.

Individuals wanting to migrate to another country prefer to settle in another country with a PR visa. This provides a sense of certainty to their stay and gives them benefits which they will not enjoy as a temporary visa holder.

With a PR visa, you will get most of the benefits that a citizen of the country enjoys except for the right to vote or hold a political position or key posts in the government.

Benefits of having a PR visa:

As a PR visa holder, you can live, work and study in any part of the country or even start your own business. You will enjoy social security benefits, healthcare benefits, eligibility for pensions and help in searching for a job.

Financial benefits:

The financial benefits are access to jobs with better pay, tax rebates, and compensation in case of any illness. For instance, if you have an Australian PR, you have better chances of landing a job in Australia because employers prefer hiring people like you. They prefer not to go through the hassles of hiring someone without a work permit.

In case you are a PR visa holder in Canada, you will get access to job opportunities in fast-growing industries. You get job opportunities that promise better pay. You and your spouse can get jobs in shorter time frames. You will enjoy tax rebates like other citizens and be eligible for workers’ compensation in case of an accident.

With the Canada PR you can even start your business and gain access to the benefits of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) if it will help your business.

In the case of Australia, the other financial benefits for PR visa holders include the right to buy a residential property and even get a bank loan for it. You can even get financial grants if you are buying your first home here.

You will also get access to student loans if you want to study in any university in Australia.

Social security and healthcare benefits:

With a PR visa, you get access to social security benefits. You get these benefits in case you lose your job. As a permanent resident, you are eligible for pension benefits after retirement.

A PR visa holder gets access to the public healthcare system of the country. In Australia, PR visa holders gain access to Medicare program run by the government. This provides free treatment in public hospitals and subsidized charges for medical services and treatment.

In Canada permanent residents and their family members get access to its world-class public healthcare system.


Personal benefits:

A PR visa allows you to bring your family and even parents to the country. A PR visa provides free education for your children. You and your family can enjoy a better quality of life with a PR visa.

A PR visa promises many benefits when you want to migrate to another country. However, the application process, eligibility requirements, required documents vary in each country. The decision to apply for a PR visa and where to apply for it must be taken after considering multiple factors. Take the help of an immigration consultant for the right guidance.

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