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Preferred Employer Schemes for Hiring Foreign Talent

Posted on March 4, 2022
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Preferred Employer Schemes For Hiring Foreign Talent

Many countries offer speedy processing and reduced requirements for employers who hire foreign workers. These benefits can be availed through various employer schemes sponsored by the government of the concerned nation. The list of programs offered by selected countries for employers to choose from is given below.

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Few of the programs might have been impacted by the pandemic. Consequently, the processing may take longer, but the options are still available.


Under Canada’s GTS or Global Talent Stream program, employers and their foreign workers benefit from the LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment simplified process and speedy visa process.

The eligible companies can submit an LMBP or Labor Market Benefits Plan. The plan lays out the blueprint on how the company will generate growth and promote skills training of Canadian workers through the exchange of knowledge.

Companies are eligible for the GTS under two categories.

  • Category A of the GTS states that companies need to hire specialized international workers. It will help in the company’s growth and people referred to the GTS by a specific referral partner.
  • Category B of the GTS is for companies who hire workers during the shortage of roles given in the Global Talent Occupations List. Companies can directly apply to the Canadian government to use the system of GTS.

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The employers in Australia who often employ foreign national workers requiring a visa sponsorship are granted accredited sponsorship. Applications that are submitted by licensed sponsors receive preferential treatment for their applications.

It includes speedy processing time and lenient labor market test requirements. The Accredited Sponsor nomination applications are processed within 5 business days.

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Denmark offers a fast-Track scheme for certified companies to employ international employees with the required qualifications. In this scheme, the processing time of the application varies between 1 to 2 months.

The Dane employers are responsible for the process of application. The employers should be certified by the SIRI or Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. They also need to meet other requirements laid down by the SIRI.

The Fast-Track scheme is divided into four tracks.

  • Pay limited
  • Researcher
  • Educational
  • Short-term

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The employers in Ireland benefit from the efficient process of applying for immigration. The time taken to process the application is reduced under the TPI or Trusted Partner Initiative. In this initiative, the employers can apply for the status of Trusted Partner.

If it is approved, they will be granted their unique employment permit application forms and a distinctive Trusted Partner Registration Number. This status is for those employers who frequently file employment permits for international employees.

The employing company should be registered with the Companies Registration Office and the Revenue Commissioners to qualify. The company should also provide the required documents, one of which is the tax information.

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The Netherlands 

An accredited sponsor in the Netherlands can submit an application for a residence permit for a highly-skilled foreign national worker. It can be done before the arrival of the international worker in the Netherlands.

A licensed sponsor is a business or an employer who has applied and has been accepted by the INS or Immigration and Naturalization Service. Accredited sponsors benefit from the coherent process for visa application.

They can submit the application for the residence permit on behalf of the employer. The legal requirements need to be fulfilled to become a credible sponsor in the Netherlands. It includes meeting

  • Specific tax obligations
  • The code of conduct for businesses of the Netherlands
  • Listed in the Commercial register of the Netherlands

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