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Pros and cons in applying Canadian Immigration: Province vs Directly

Posted on April 22, 2022
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Pros and cons in applying Canadian Immigration Province vs Directly

Canada has become the new hot cake in immigrating the foreign nationals. Post pandemic Canada has increased the number of in-takes.

Five reasons to apply for Canadian immigration:

  1. Huge requirement for immigrants: Due to the low birth rate, a large number of retired persons, and fewer young individuals, there is a massive requirement for foreign immigrants.
  2. Present on work permit: Temporary residents who are already present in Canada with a work permit must now consider applying for permanent residence (PR) if they intend to stay long. Post pandemic, Canada encourages people to convert their temporary stays.
  3. Execution of Fast recovery plan: Canada’s federal government has planned well to recover from the falling economy. To recover, inviting more immigrants is the fastest plan.
  4. Plan your arrival six months later and apply now: Canada has provided ease in immigration and application. Foreign nationals who apply now for Canadian immigration can arrive there between 6-12 months, depending on the immigration category. The process has been fastened for the applicant’s benefit.
  5. Canada requires Temporary workers: Many industries are suffering from a low workforce. Canada opens gates for temporary workers also. Many low-income occupations are also expecting temporary foreign workers.

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Skilled Worker requirements:

  • Must have a job offer
  • Satisfy the eligibility criteria to work in Canada
  • Provide enough details about the bank balance, which will help to support yourself and your dependents after arrival in Canada.
  • Meet the minimum English or French language skill requirements must have at least one year of full-time skilled work experience.

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Skilled worker programs

Applying to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence (PR) is the first thought that everybody thinks of. But you can even directly apply to any Province Nomination Program (PNP) directly for PR. If you do, say, you will get a nominee certificate or a Quebec selection certificate from Quebec to support the PR application process.

From April 30, the fees for the following skilled worker programs are going to get updated. There seems to be an increase of $40 in the current cost, which is $1325. Along with dependents, the main applicant needs to pay $1325 each. Other than that, biometric fees also need to be paid, which are $85 per person and $175 per family of two or more need to be paid.

The application process fees changes depending on the immigration program. Different skilled workers programs are:

  1. Express entry programs
  2. Provincial nominee program
  3. Quebec skilled worker program
  4. Atlantic immigration program
  5. Other economic pilot programs

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Following are the new rates compared to the old ones

Program Applicants Old fees / Updated fees in Dollars
Right of PR fees Main applicant and dependants 500/525
For all the programs Main applicant

Spouse + child


825+225/ 850+230

(Live-in ) Care giver program Main applicant

Spouse + child


550+150/ 570+155

Family reunification Sponsorship fee

Sponsored main applicant

Sponsored dependent child

Accompanied Child + spouse





Permit Holders Main applicant 325/335

Cost to apply for PNP and Quebec skilled worker program:

Along with the above fees paid to the federal government, the applicant needs to pay separate applications fees to apply for any desired province if you are applying for PNP and Quebec.

Note: There are 4 PNP that do not charge for PNP programs. Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Yukon. To apply for other provinces, skilled workers need to pay between 25 And 1500 Dollars.

PNP + Quebec Fees for the Main applicant in Dollars
Alberta advantage immigration program (AAIP) 500
Manitoba PNP (MPNP) 500
Ontario Immigrant nominee program (OINP) 1500
British Columbia PNP (BC PNP) 1150
Prince Edward Island PNP (PEI PNP) 300
Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee program  (SINP) 350
Quebec 844
New Brunswick PNP (NB PNP) 250

Enhanced PNP vs Base PNP

The difference between these two PNPs is mainly on whether the candidates have an Express Entry profile or not.

  • Base PNP is mainly run by Provinces
  • Enhanced PNP is more open for Express Entry applicants
  • The important benefit of express entry is we directly apply for IRCC immigration, as IRCC is the final one to say the about the applicants who get Permanent residence
  • When you apply for PNP, you need to apply for a nomination or province to get PR
  • The Canadian federal government uses a point-based system to invite foreign nationals for immigration
  • Top scoring candidates to get invitations to apply bi-weekly rounds of invitations
  • Express Entry candidates who receive PNP are awarded 600 points toward the Comprehensive ranking system score.
  • This score will help the candidates to receive invitations to apply to ITA to apply for PR.
  • Candidates who are not eligible for to express entry program may be able to apply for PNP’s, which are run by the individual provinces separately. Usually, these base PNP’s take a longer time to process.

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Processing Times

IRCC usually takes 22 months to process the application for express entry, whereas the PNP’s take 28 months to process. The Quebec skilled workers program is processed in 31 months.

  • Federal skilled worker program (FSWS) – 27 months
  • Canadian experience class (CEC) – 8 months
  • Federal skilled trades program (FSTP) 37 months


Canada aims to invite 8300 PNP candidates as per the 2022-2024 Immigration levels plan. By 2024 this number is about to increase by 93000. The express entry candidate invites are also estimated to increase by 111500.

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