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PTE Academic center opened in Chandigarh for aspiring immigrants

Posted on July 11, 2018
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Aspiring immigrants in Chandigarh will now have the access to the first Pearson Owned Centre Pearson Test of English Academic. The launch of the new center is in line with the aim of Pearson India to enhance the reach of PTE Academic Centers across India.

PTE is a reliable and fast test in English language proficiency for aspiring immigrants, as quoted by the India Education Diary. The PTE Academic centers aim to offer easy access and assistance to internationally accredited language tests.

The new test center is a part of the drive by Pearson to expand the network of its test centers in India. This will also offer a greater choice to test takers of PTE Academic. Aspiring immigrants in Chandigarh will have easy access to PTE tests. They will also have additional test dates and enhanced convenience in the expanded network of test centers.

PTE Academic is an online language test. It is enhancing its popularity for offering most impartial and accurate scoring. All PTE Academic test centers ensure the validity of the test score. This is by using state-of-the-art and top industry security measures. These include secure paperless results, CCTV, randomized test formats, and biometrics that incorporate palm scanning.

Thus aspirants are tested in a secure and controlled ambiance.

Universities and colleges across the world accept PTE Academic. These include London Business School, INSEAD, Yale University, and Harvard Business School. 100% of universities in Australia and New Zealand also accept this test results.

Increasing numbers of Universities in Canada, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, the UK and the US are also accepting PTE Academic results. It can also be used for immigration and visa applications for Australia and New Zealand.

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