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Reapplying for Australia PR after rejection

Posted on March 23, 2020
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Australia PR Visa

If you have made an application for PR visa to Australia, there are many reasons why your application can be rejected. Before we examine the course of action if your visa application is rejected, we will first look at the possible reasons why your visa can be rejected.

Reasons for visa rejection:

  1. Applying for the wrong visa category

If you apply for a visa category ensure you satisfy the criteria for that visa, otherwise your visa will be rejected.

      2. Violation of conditions of your previous visa

Your PR visa application can be rejected if your previous records show that you overstayed on a temporary visa or violated the conditions of a previous visa.

  1. False or incomplete information in your visa application

Submitting false information or incomplete information in your application can lead to rejection of your application.

  1. Failure to meet health requirements for the visa

Your application can be rejected if have health conditions such as HIV, cancer, heart conditions or mental health issues and Australian authorities feel that your treatment will be a financial burden on the government.

  1. Failure to meet the character requirements

Your application can be rejected if you have a criminal record.

  1. Lack of enough funds

If you do not have proof that you have enough financial resources to support your stay in Australia, then your application can be rejected.

  1. Lack of required scores in English language proficiency test

If you don’t have the required scores in your English language proficiency test your PR visa application can be rejected.

      8. Failure to clear the visa verification process

Failing to clear the verification of your medical or character requirements can lead to rejection of your application.

 Steps to take if your application is rejected:

If your PR visa application is rejected, as a first step examine the reasons given for rejection in the refusal letter you have received from the immigration department. Analyze the reasons and plan on how best you can avoid the same grounds for rejection in your subsequent application for the visa.

There is no point in reapplying for the visa unless you have rectified the problems in your previous application.

Before you reapply for the PR visa, ensure you have chosen the right category because the immigration department can reject your application once more if they feel you are better qualified under another category.

Making another visa application after rejection:

There is no minimum or maximum time frame for making a re-application after a visa refusal. You will need to make a fresh application and ensure you submit all the records and documents once more. You will once again have to pay the visa fees when you submit your application.

When making an application for the second time, ensure you do not make the same mistakes that were grounds for rejection in your previous application.

However, it is advisable not to reapply for a visa unless there is a change in your circumstances which was the reason for rejection. For instance, if the reason was the lack of enough funds, you must ensure you have the required funds in your account before reapplying for the PR visa.

Do not take chances when applying for the second time because you do not want your visa application to be rejected once more.

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