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Secret to Securing Dream of Living Abroad

Posted on July 15, 2011
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It’s no secret that thousands of Britons would love to secure the dream of living abroad by finding well-paying work in a stunning nation – we reveal how that’s now possible by introducing readers to the job opportunities available in Western Australia.

According to the editor of Eurograduate, an online career guide and job website for graduates: “as redundancies rise and workers take pay cuts [in the UK], there seems to be a growing feeling that they can find better opportunities abroad.”

This sentiment is backed up by the statistics that 1 in 4 Britons would like to move overseas for work reasons, that we revealed in an earlier article about escaping UK and finding jobs abroad.

However, there is a massive gulf between simply wanting to work overseas for a better life, and actually securing the dream of living abroad by finding a well-paying job in a sustainable economic area.  The good news is that we have found the secret that will enable hundreds of skilled workers to secure employment in one of the most desirable countries in the world.  So, if you’re dreaming of living abroad, read on to discover the path to your wonderful new life…

The Secret’s Out – You Can Secure a Dream Life Living and Working in Western Australia

Australia is one of the most desirable countries to live in – fact!

It has the perfect climate that we Britons can only dream about, it is a nation where citizens arguably achieve the ideal work / life balance, the scenery is stunning, Australians and Britons share a great deal culturally speaking, and it’s a nation that welcomes thousands of skilled migrants annually.

And the even better news is that Western Australia is specifically seeking skilled British migrants by the planeload!

The secret to Australia’s continued economic strength in the face of an otherwise global economic downturn rests heavily on the success of the economy in Western Australia.

It is a state rich in natural resources, it has a strong services sector, and the export market for its locally sourced, mined and grown commodities is massive.

However – Western Australia is teetering on the brink of a skills shortage because it is growing so fast and expanding so rapidly.  This is specifically why representatives from the state are currently touring Britain to reveal to Brits that the secret to securing their dream of living abroad is to find skilled employment in Western Australia.

Western Australia Needs You!

There are opportunities in technical and engineering professions, skilled trade-qualified people like mechanics, electricians and machine operators are in demand, and apparently thousands of jobs will be created in the healthcare and social assistance sectors, in education and training, and in the retail trade too.

An excellent website has been created by the Government of Western Australia – it is 100% focused on promoting the opportunities in the state, and on supporting anyone who wants to realise their dream of living in Australia.

We highly recommend you start researching your new life online using this resource, because it gives an excellent overview of all aspects that you need to consider.

Securing Your Dream of Living Abroad by Emigrating to Australia via the Skilled Visa Route

The number one hurdle that you may face to realising the dream will be securing a visa.  However, if you have skills which are in demand, you meet the age criteria, you can perhaps secure a job offer in advance of your application, and you take the time to research the best visa type to apply for, your path may be much more straightforward.

This is because as stated, Western Australia is actively seeking skilled migrants right now!

If you use the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship website you can research your visa options, you can keep yourself up to date with any changes to migrant caps, and you can download and complete the application forms too.

We also have a guide for anyone wishing to live in Australia that’s all about ‘how to emigrate’ – but it’s still important to use the government’s resources too as changes can happen to visa application processes for example.

One Word of Warning if You’re Dreaming of Living Abroad…
In spite of alleging that perhaps the secret to you achieving your dream of living abroad is in targeting Western Australia where skilled migrants are heavily in demand, there is one downside to a potential move to this part of the world.

It would be remiss of us not to mention the number one issue with living in Western Australia…and that’s the cost of living!

The cost of living in Australia is turning expats away in droves according to local media ‘Down Under.’  And one of the cities where the cost is rising faster than perhaps anywhere else in the whole nation is Perth (which is in Western Australia!)

In Mercer’s 2011 Cost of Living survey Perth moved up 30 places to sit at the number 30 spot in terms of the most expensive cities for expats to live in globally.

So, living in Perth is expensive – this just means you have to make sure you find a very well-paying job before you emigrate!

In other words, don’t let the cost of living put you off, it is relative to the success of the local economy.  And the success of the local economy is the specific reason why there are so many opportunities for skilled migrants!

Just ensure you research all aspects of your potential emigration carefully, ensure you will be able to find work matched to your skill set, and that your particular employment sector will pay enough for you to achieve the life you’re currently dreaming of.

13 July 2011

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