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Silicon Valley feels heat over Trump’s immigration policy

Posted on June 29, 2017
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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is going into a panic mode as the US Supreme Court agreed on 26 June to allow immigration travel ban proposed by President Donald Trump for some travellers of six countries, overturning the decisions of lower federal courts that the policy be put on hold.

Some technology companies are apprehensive as to what this ruling’s outcome will be for their business. In addition, it was opined in the third week of June that the US government may write off the new ‘start-up visa,’ which was to be unveiled in July this year. This visa, a brain child of Obama, was mooted in August last year to allow foreign entrepreneurs set up new businesses in America by obtaining investment capital from certain qualified investors of the US.

But when Trump took over as the American President, he had made it unambiguous that his ‘America first’ policy would make it tough for foreign nationals to work in the US with H-1B visas.   

Michael Seibel, CEO and partner at Y Combinatory, a start-up accelerator, were quoted by CNBC as saying that it was being projected by certain politicians that immigration would hurt America.

According to Seibel, one of the reasons that economy of California has thrived due to the entry of Skilled Migrant Workers from all parts of the globe who set up businesses, by home and consume American goods. He added that technology powered technology and innovation accomplishments of the state.

But it was not just California; the negative effects are percolating to other states in America as well. With start-up hubs spring all over the world, skilled immigrants may opt to start businesses outside the United States, said Seibel.

He added by saying that if they make their country less welcoming, the US would start to lose its edge.

Other than California, Massachusetts, Delaware and New Jersey are the other states from where a lot of H-1B visa applications are filed by employers.

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