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Skilled Immigration curbs risk future of US nationals

Posted on March 13, 2018
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Skilled Immigration

Curbs on skilled immigration risk the future of US nationals whom Trump actually intends to help through his diverse policies. Accepting lesser skilled and talented Overseas Workers will negatively impact the growth of US economy.

Combining rhetoric and executive orders, the US President is preventing precisely the same migrants that are critically needed by the US economy for its growth. This is a huge risk as skilled overseas migrant workers are a chief component of the nation’s economy.

The US is into a highly risky game under the presidency of Trump. This is degrading one of the key strengths of the nation in a systematic manner- the steady arrivals of entrepreneurial and smart overseas nationals.

Thus the future of US nationals is actually under risk and Trump’s policies will not make their lives any better. People may not march to the streets right now, as quoted by the Bloomberg. But Skilled Immigration is something that affects the future of each US citizen.

By 2011, immigrants or their children started more than 40% of the Fortune 500 firms. It is not possible to predict who will be the next line of entrepreneurs launching the firms in the future. But they will be mostly with adequate training in IT and from families that have a tradition of launching start-ups. This, in other words, means Skilled Immigrants.

Tech areas that had high participation levels of overseas-born experts witnessed a faster growth of patents during 1940 and 2000. This is in terms of both quantity and quality than if not equal tech areas.

Several of the renowned US inventions were by overseas born individuals. Skilled overseas nationals assist in the constant inflow of fresh ideas to tech clusters. This includes Silicon Valley, Raleigh – North Carolina and Austin – Texas.

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