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Slovenia offers new ICT Visas

Posted on March 29, 2018
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Slovenia ICT Visas

Slovenia has offered new ICT Visas for work and residence of nationals of third nations for Intra Corporate Transfer. This is in accordance with the Directive of the European Union 2014/66 with respect to conditions of arrival and stays of nationals of third nations through Intra Corporate Transfer.

ICT Visas:

The new ICT Visas for Work and Residence in Slovenia is available for third nation citizens who are transferred to work in Slovenia. This must be in the same group of firms as Specialists of Managers. They must possess appropriate professional qualifications or credentials from University with training and a degree.

The overseas employee must have been in the firm for minimum 9 months and trainees for minimum 6 months. The ICT Visas are offered for Specialists and Managers for the duration of 1 year that is renewable for 1 year at a time with maximum 3 years. The maximum total stays authorized for trainees are 1 month, as quoted by the Work permit.

Mobility Intra-EU:

The overseas nationals who possess the ICT Visas of Slovenia will be in a position to work in other EU nations in the same group firm for a stay of 3 months in a 6 month period. This does not require a Work visa. The host nation may, however, need a notification. For staying more than 3 months a Mobile ICT Visa for that nation may be needed.

An overseas national who possesses a European Union ICT Visa in other EU nation can work in a firm of the same group in Slovenia for up to 3 months without requiring an individual visa. A notification, on the other hand, must be filed with the authorities, not beyond 8 days after the transfer is made effective.

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