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South Africa proposes visa-waiver for Indian citizens, & other proposed changes

Posted on February 11, 2016
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Mr. Mkuseli Apleni, the Director General of the Department of Home Affairs, South Africa, spoke to the media to spread the word of the improvement made subsequent to the declaration of the modification program sketched out by the Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) toward the end of October a year ago. In an announcement taking after a redesign session with Tourism partners in Pretoria; he said that the Department has added changes to an institutionalized layout for school principals to finish and issue‚ to affirm authorization for South African kids to go on school tours‚ in lieu of individual custodian consent forms.

The required paperwork for visa for youngsters going on school sport visits will likewise be reorganized for their benefit. The concessions come in the wake of campaigning from the Tourism, Business and various partners who were concerned the regulations would discourage guests coming to South Africa.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) said that going ahead South African citizens applying for new international IDs for minors will get a report itemizing both custodian particulars, and this would be the acknowledged travel record rather than the unedited birth details document. The DHA said that the changes will be made within the period of three months to one year.

Changes to the immigration rules in the following three months to one year include:

  1. Issuing of visas on landing for individuals flying out to South Africa having in their identifications visas for the countries of UK‚ USA and Canada or any other nation that applies stringent identification checks on tourists to their countries‚ to ease travels for tourists‚
  2. Consider a visa-waiver for India‚ China‚ Russia and other countries‚ and
  3. Extra visa assistance centres, incorporating into its regulations the countries of United Arab Emirates, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

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