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A Step by Step Guide to Study in Australia

Posted on August 13, 2019
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Australia is among the top countries in the list of every student wanting to study abroad. However, achieving your dream to study in Australia involves a long and elaborate process that involves visa applications, paperwork and examinations.  It is better that you know the steps in the admission process so that you are well-prepared when you apply to Australian universities.

Australia has emerged as a popular destination for international students. According to a report released by the Department of Education of the Australian government, in May this year, there were more than 6 million international students in Australian universities. This was a 12% increase compared to the same period last year. 58% of these students were from these five countries-China, India, Nepal, Brazil and Vietnam. There were more enrolments than students because a student can study more than one course in one year.

Here is a step-by-step description of the admission to Australian universities, this will help you get ready for the application process and plan so that the process is quick and smooth for you.

Study in Australia

1.Get your basics ready

Irrespective of which course or university you are applying to there are certain universal requirements that you should get ready before you start the application process:

  • An up-to-date passport
  • Valid English language proficiency test score
  • Financial documents as proof of how you will be funding your studies

You can later work on fulfilling the specific requirements of the universities or course you will be applying to.

2. Find a course and select your universities

Before you begin the application process you will have to select your course. You can however apply for different courses at either one or many universities. But before you apply check if there is a limit on the number of universities you can apply for because certain states impose a limit.

 Be careful when making your choice s because you cannot change your course once you have gained admission.

3. Decide how you want to apply

Australia provides multiple options when you want to apply for a university. Application can be made:

  1. Directly by you through the university’s website
  2. By a local university
  3. By an external agent

You can decide how you want to apply by using the most suitable option.

4. Clear your English language exam

If English is not your native language, then you need to take an English language proficiency test. You need to take the IELTS test and keep the results of the tests ready when you are making your visa application.

5. Apply to the universities to get your CoE

 Once you are selected for a course, you will receive an offer letter from the college. You will have to give a written confirmation accepting the offer and pay the tuition fees. Subsequent to this you will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment or CoE. This document is required to process your visa application.

6. Apply for your visa

The next step is to apply for your visa. Your visa application must include the following documents.

  1. Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certificate
  2. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
  3. Financial Requirements that you can fund your studies (funds to cover your return airfare, tuition fees and a sum of AU$18,610 per year)
  4. Your English Proficiency test results
  5. Australian approved health insurance cover
  6. Verification of your criminal records

You can make your visa application online. You should upload the above documents and any other additional document in the digital format. These documents should be translated into English if they are in another language.

You will be applying for Student visa Subclass 500. You should submit your visa application 124 days before the commencement of your course.

7. Health checkup and visa interview

Based on the place you will study and live you may need to go for a health check-up and/or a visa interview. You will get information about this after you submit your application.

8. Get the decision on your visa application

The final decision on your visa application must take about a week or two once your application is complete. You can check the status of your application online as well.

You will get an e-mail notification from Australian authorities once your visa decision is made.

9. Travel to Australia

 Once you have got your visa approval, you can plan to land in Australia 90 days before the commencement of your course. This date will be notified in your CoE.

You can stay on in Australia 30 days after your course ends or 60 days if your course duration is for 10 months. All these details will be included in your visa, so look out for them.

These are the steps you must follow to Study in Australia. Following them will help you get closer to the dream of studying in Australia. If you find the process overwhelming, you can always consult an Immigration Expert.

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