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International students in Canada can consider provincial streams to get a PR visa

Posted on December 1, 2020
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Canada students PR visa

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) has grown in importance ever since its launch in 2008. The CEC was designed to help international students gain a PR visa.

Since the introduction of the CEC, provinces have increased the number of streams dedicated to students.

Individuals who gain a permanent residence in Canada under the CEC must have studied in Canada for at least two years. This means that such individuals have graduated with a Canadian post-secondary credential that requires at least two years of study.

The CEC is particularly helpful to international students as it helps them become permanent residents. After their graduation and completion of a qualified academic program from a Canadian institution, international students become eligible for the Post-graduation Work Permit or PGWP which gives them an opportunity to work for any Canadian employer in a skilled occupation which makes them eligible to apply for PR visa under the CEC stream.

Canadian work experience is important because it gives them more points for the CRS rankings.

The reason Canadian experience in federal and provincial immigration programs has become so relevant is that Canadian government research indicates that such experience is a good predictor that an immigration candidate can easily integrate into the Canadian labor market and perform well in the long term.

For a variety of reasons Canadian work experience is the key. It helps migrant applicants develop their language skills, which is a major component of the Comprehensive Ranking System. Additionally, applicants who obtain Canadian work experience or education can show Canadian employers that they have the expertise and knowledge that employers are searching for.

Alternative PR pathways

Students who are not able to qualify for a PR visa under the CEC program can look at other pathways offered by certain provinces to help students.

Province Eligibility
  • Career Employment Pathway: Must have graduated in the past 3 years from a designated post-secondary institution in Manitoba (minimum one year, two semesters, full-time coursework).
  • Graduate Internship Pathway: Completed a master or doctoral degree program in Manitoba within the past 3 years
New Brunswick
  • Enrolled in a New Brunswick post-secondary institution with a valid study permit.
  • Masters & PHD graduate stream: Must complete education from an eligible Ontario university and apply within two years of getting a degree.
British Columbia
  • International post-graduate: Must have graduated in the last three years with a master’s or doctorate (PhD) degree in the natural, applied or health sciences
Prince Edward Island
  • International Graduate: Must have a post-secondary degree or diploma from a publicly-funded Prince Edward Island institution along with full time job offer from PEI.
  • International Graduate: Graduated from a recognized post-secondary educational institution with valid post graduate work permit and full-time job offer from Saskatchewan
Nova Scotia
  • International Graduate: Graduated from a recognized post-secondary educational institution with valid post graduate work permit and full-time job offer from Nova Scotia.

Here are more details of some program:

Manitoba Provincial Nominee program

Career employment pathway: This pathway provides a faster nomination for students who have completed post-secondary education and are graduates. Thye must have a long-term job in Manitoba in a field that is in demand.

Graduate internship pathway: This pathway provides faster nomination pathways for international students doing master’s or doctorate course in Canada through internships that contribute to innovation in industries in Manitoba.

Ontario Provincial Nominee program

Master’s and Ph.D. graduate stream: If you obtained a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. at a university in Ontario and wish to work and live in Ontario, then you can opt for this stream. You will not need a job offer in Ontario to qualify for this stream, but you must submit your application no later than two years from the date of completion of the degree. You can submit it in the last semester of your study program.

British Columbia PNP

International post-graduate stream: This category is aligned with the federal Express Entry system. Successful applicants will gain a BC PNP provincial nomination certificate. This will also add 600 points to their CRS score. This stream does not require a job offer to migrate to Canada.

International students can rest assured that there are other streams apart from the CEC offered by provinces which can help them get permanent residency in Canada.

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