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Study Abroad – A choice made with good thought

Posted on April 13, 2020
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Study Abroad

The practice of study abroad brings the benefit of added academic skills of global recognition. In fact, most Indian companies give preference to a reputed international university’s degree. People decide to study abroad for want of quality education, better infrastructure, and the focus on research.

Knowing the right country and university that meets your needs is necessary before applying for courses. To find the best country to study in, you will have to weigh your priorities and analyze how well they are met. Here, we will discuss the same guided by different parameters essential to make a choice.

The best education system

World-class universities conduct research-oriented learning. In this regard, the US is considered to be a top provider. It has a well-established higher education system. The focused approach and favor for innovation are clearly visible in US universities. Hence, the US is one of the most sought-after countries to study and work abroad. The high standard of living is also another factor that works in the US’s favor.

The UK has the most famous global institutions in the world. These include Cambridge and Oxford. High quality of life is also seen in the UK. It helps make it a global favorite for students. Reputed universities of the UK are known to produce the most employable graduates globally.

Quality of education, combined with affordability is a crucial factor for many students.  Besides that, post-study work opportunities also count. In that regard, Canada is the most preferred study destination globally.

Germany and Australia also top the list of globally famed educational destinations. Germany is unique, with almost no tuition fees and state-of-the-art universities. Top 35 Australian universities had found their place in the ‘Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2018’.

An accepting environment for foreign students

Being alienated in another country is a great worry for students. Countries like the US are considered friendly towards foreigners. In fact, the country already has a large population rich with people of different communities from all over the globe.

In this regard, countries like the UK and New Zealand stand next in the line of foreigner-friendly places for students. Even Canada joins them to share their common quality of tolerance to different ethnic cultures.

All these countries offer great study opportunities too. The friendly immigration policies of these countries instill confidence in the minds of students globally.

Budget for living and learning

The cost of studies and daily life is a major concern of international students. This is the factor that drives students with budget constraints towards Germany. But it also isn’t easy to join their public universities due to competition. Nordic countries are considered affordable study destinations for international students. These include countries like Norway and Poland.

Having English as one of the teaching mediums, Norway becomes a preferred study destination for higher education for many. Education costs very less, and students need to pay for a few specialized courses only. But Norway can be high on living costs.

Another affordable European study destination is Poland. Students with skills in the Polish language must give an entrance exam. Passing it makes them eligible to pursue higher studies for free. Courses in English are also affordable just like the low living costs in Poland.

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