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Study Abroad is an investment for your future

Posted on February 27, 2019
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Study Abroad

Study Abroad is emerging as a widely encouraged and endorsed trend all over the world today. Professors, Alumnae, and Students are all insisting upon Universities and Colleges to promote overseas education.

Many institutions are encouraging students to take out time from their 4 years in College for travel abroad to explore the world. However, very few among them actually mandate them to pursue it as a part of their graduation.

Cristian Solis is a graduate from Catawba College’s Communications Program and an ex-student of Dr. Langhorne. He had the opportunity to travel to France with his French professor in the summer of 2018.

Solis says that it was a life-transforming experience. Travelling to France and real experience of the different aspects of language and culture that the Professor shared was highly educative. It brought life to the bookish knowledge, said Solis.

Cristian Solis is now working as with American Airlines as an International Flight Attendant from January 2019. It is a dream job for Solis as he is able to use his communication and language skills developed in College, as quoted by the Catawbapioner.

Solis said that he was fortunate to have been associated with Ann Clifton. She is the Catawba College’s Assistant Director at the Glenn and Addie Ketner Centre for International Study.

Among the duties of Mrs. Clifton at the College include helping teachers to plan and facilitate their students’ overseas travel. In this role, she is often in a position to lead these overseas trips. Mrs. Clifton has accompanied and lead students in their travel to France, Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Canada.

The overseas travel has given Ann Clifton the first-hand knowledge of the influence that study abroad can have on students in College. She says that mandating overseas travel as a part of graduation will be a positive change.

Students learn a lot about them in overseas travel said, Mrs. Clifton. Majority of them also discover a new interest, she added.

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