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8 ‘must do things’ while planning to study abroad

Posted on September 20, 2019
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Study Abroad

‘Study abroad’! Every student would be elated about the idea. Studying abroad is indeed a life changing phase which offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to learn and explore more about a completely different world.

It is only a misconception that studying abroad is not in your reach as it might cost too much or the process of going there is really complicated. So, going and studying abroad remains as your dream that might not come true.

This is actually not the reality.

This article throws light on 8 easy tips which you should do, even before you go abroad to study.


After choosing the place you want to go, perform a thorough research on the weather and climate so that you are prepared to withstand it. After all, you should enjoy your stay there.

Try to find means to connect with students who are already studying there. Get information on the study culture and the general environment of the university or the college.

Talk to people who have been there

Some of you must know people who have already been to the place you are planning to go. Talk to them and try getting as much information as possible. This helps you to have an idea of the place and people.

Be prepared

Knowing about the general culture and a little about the people will make your transition easier. If you are not familiar with the local language, try learning some basic words and their meaning.

You should know that there are a lot of places in this world where English is not exclusively spoken.


Way ahead of leaving for that place, you should have complete information about the university’s student accommodation. It would be better, if you know with whom you have a shared accommodation with.

It is cheaper to stay outside than staying in the campus. It would be very light on your pocket if you could rent a flat along with friends.

Student arrival registration

Registering with the Internal Affairs Ministry is probably the first thing you should do as soon as you enter another country. This legalises your stay there.

Research on the registering rules of the country which you are visiting.

Bank Account

Opening a new bank account is another very important thing you should do. This helps you in paying your bills. Moreover, your money is safe.

You might require a proof of residence, your passport and a proof that you are a student there.


If you want any information related to scholarship, you can always reach your university for this. There are also a lot of online websites that have loads of information on the options available for you.


As you are ought to travel in the new place, it is also important that you should know all the means of commuting within the place.

You can also try getting a travel pass.

Now that you are equipped with considerable information about the place to which you are travelling, you can book your ticket and go there with confidence.

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