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Study in Canada for a Prosperous Career

Posted on June 24, 2022
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Study in Canada for a prosperous career

Clue in to:

  • Students aspire to study overseas and most opt to study in Canada.
  • Institutions in Canada offers the students updated knowledge with modern skills.
  • The income ranges from 80,000 to 105,000 CAD.
  • The civil construction sector of Canada is booming.
  • Graduating from Canada institutions brings you a step closer to Canada PR.

Many students look forward to studying abroad, and more so, to studying in Canada. Students go to Canada due to its renowned universities and courses that help in career-building. The country has become a popular option for young students who wish to study overseas.

Canadian institutes provide their students with updated knowledge and new-age skills. It will help you step into the job field with self-confidence. You can pursue your desired career in the potential fields to earn a high income.

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Student Visa in Canada

A student visa in Canada helps you reach a step close to a bright future. Select to pursue courses in disciplines that are much desired. The courses help you build skills that empower you rather than just giving you basic qualifications.

Why to study in Canada?

It is a good idea for international students to pursue studies in Canada after they have passed the 10th standard. It would help if you make smart choices and choose the best study streams. Here are a few of the streams that are in high demand.

  • Business Administration Stream

Take a Bachelor of Business Administration or as it is popularly known as a BBA degree from a college or university of Canada. It would help you in being eligible for work in multiple positions in a range of enterprises.

As per the Service Canada’s COPS or Canadian Occupational Projection System, there is no shortage of opportunities for graduates till 2024 in the field of Business Administration. In this field, one of the most desired professions is accounting. It includes working in market research, payroll, and legal departments of businesses.

The average income of a business administration graduate is approximately 85,508 CAD.

  • Software Engineering Stream

The investment trend is rising in favor of the Canadian technology sector. According to the COPS, there has been a 50 percent increase in the number of employees in the last few years. The software engineers create and look after the software systems.

The average income of a software engineering graduate is 90,001 CAD.

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  • Nursing Stream

In Canada, the nurses are required to have an undergraduate degree in nursing. Training enhances their nursing skills. An alternate option is to have a post-graduate degree in the field of nursing. A sturdy job market in the field of nursing exists in Canada. The average income in the nursing field is 84,510 CAD. The fact that Canada has an immense aging population also helps in the stability of this field.

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  • Finance Stream

The studies in the finance stream can be started with a two-year foundational course in business. It may include corporations, banks, and the like. With the help of the foundational course, you can handle and assess the financial aspects of any enterprise.

After you graduate, you would have the option to go for a variety of roles in finance. It may include bank managers, market research analysts, portfolio managers, security analysts, and mortgage brokers. The average income in the finance stream is 103,376 CAD.

  • Pharmacology Stream

In Canada, even an undergraduate degree in Pharmacology can bring you a good salary. After graduating, you are required to write an examination with the Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada.

The good news is that there is a need for Pharmacists till 2024. After this, you are required to complete your apprenticeship. You are then required to register at a college in the province. It offers an excellent opportunity for you as a nursing student.

The average salary in the Pharmacology stream is 102,398 CAD.

  • Civil Engineering Stream

The trends being witnessed in Canada project a shift to large-scale projects in heavy engineering. The sector of residential construction in Canada is witnessing a boom. It suggests a requirement for civil engineers. A civil engineer can work on various stages of building, designing infrastructure, and construction.

The average income for the Civil Engineering stream is 80,080 CAD.

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Thereby, the prospects are bright for students opting to study in Canada! The students can even apply for Canada PR or permanent resident status. To be eligible for PR status, one needs to score at least 15 and need to pursue a 1-year degree program. Studying in Canada is your ticket to a bright future.

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