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All you need to know if you are planning to study in Sweden

Posted on September 17, 2019
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Sweden Study Visa

Sweden is a land of many cultures. Equality to everyone and openness is a part of their culture. Swedish Universities offer a unique climate of openness and teamwork. They focus on academic interests instead of following a grade achieving approach.

There are a lot of world famous universities in Sweden where you can study and have a wider perspective of your career. Top class education and continuous research make you get the best of your education. The academic environment escalates you to new levels of your career.

If you want to seek education in Sweden’s top Universities and a PR following it, you should know the below.

Whether you want a Resident permit or a Visa, ensure that all the documentation is perfect.

Students coming from Outside EU/EEA

Swedish Migration Board takes care of all the applications.

All students coming from nations other than EU/EEA for more than 3 months should apply for a permit of residence. If the study time is lesser than 3 months, you should apply for an entry level Visa.

You cannot apply for the entry level Visa after entering Sweden.

For students of EU/EEA

All registered students of EU/EEA, who possess a Comprehensive Health Insurance, are eligible for a residency status at Sweden. So, they need not apply for this.

Students of Switzerland

All students from the Swiss applying for studying in Sweden for more than 3 months should apply for the residence permit. There is no need to wait for the application to get processed before beginning to study.

Nordic countries’ students

A resident permit is not needed for all the students coming from Nordic countries

Resident permits

  • Intention to study by getting yourself admitted into a full time study is the primary requisite. You must enrol for a full time attendance study because distance courses do not fall into this category.
  • Possess a valid passport.
  • Possess a comprehensive Health Insurance that is valid for the complete term of your stay in Sweden, if your study time is less than a year.
  • A proof to the Swedish Migration Board showing that you will have an amount of at least SEK 8,010 at your disposal every month(throughout the term of your studies), to support yourself

Resident Permit extension

Generally, a resident permit is issued for a period of 1 year. If you want to extend this, you have to initiate the extension before the expiry date. As the process for extension takes a little longer time, apply it way ahead of the expiry because you have to stay in Sweden when the process is on.

Resident Permits for Work and Business

If you already have a study resident permit after you have completed studies at Sweden, you can get a resident permit of employment. You can also think of starting a business of your own. It is necessary that you apply for this before your present study permit expires.

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