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Studying overseas – Why it’s the best choice for a lifetime

Posted on March 5, 2020
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Study Abroad

Study overseas can become a great step in achieving more than just education. It is not just the appeal of learning in a foreign country that makes you opt for it. It delivers real results that lead you into a bright career.

There are more students these days who choose to learn a semester or a course abroad. They like to migrate after doing schooling or under graduation in a home university. The main drive behind this decision is the fresh experience they get in the campus abroad. The opportunities and challenges are quite different. Exploring them and trying to excel transforms your perspective and skills into a more global one.

The Open Door Project is an initiative that deals with creating new grounds in education. They induce more and more private schools to create space for underprivileged children in their schools. The schools are driven to give them an education the children often do not access.

Their data for the year 2017-18 school years revealed a 2.7% increase in students who studied abroad. They found that 10.9% of all undergraduates enrolled in an overseas baccalaureate program.

There are many Indian universities and colleges that conduct collaborative programs with foreign universities. Organizations like the Institute for the International Education of Students or the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) helps students to study overseas. They facilitate study abroad programs acting as non-profit organizations.

To give an example, ISEP gives students from its member universities the chance to choose to study from its many member schools. These will include overseas schools too. So, an Indian student can opt to study in a school in Germany or USA.

How to choose a study abroad program

Choosing a study abroad program is a process that involves many factors. These could be:

Length of the study program: The study program under collaborative efforts by international organizations could vary from a few weeks of study to a whole semester. The semester could last many months. They may even be year-long programs.

The curriculum: Choosing a course with a curriculum that fits your learning goals and career choices is important.

The cost involved: The most daunting element in an overseas study program is the cost involved. This includes the tuition fee and living costs. But this too can be solved with such opportunities like winning scholarships and getting study loans. Non-profit organizations like the IEP and ISEP help students to overcome financial challenges to a large extent. They provide options that fit into different budgets. Financial aid is also a service they offer.

Why studying abroad is a desirable option

There are many benefits attached to studying abroad. These are highly enhancing of your skills and nourishing of your global perspective. Here are some distinct advantages of studying abroad.

You become culturally competent

The most desirable advantage of studying overseas is the opportunity to mingle with people of many countries and cultures. In an increasingly multi-cultural trend in the fields of enterprises and careers, this will give you an edge. Your improved tolerance and adaptability to various cultures are going to make you suitable for global projects and assignments.

Gaining and practicing independence

To be in a foreign country makes you self-reliant and smart enough to make right choices. The need to be highly responsible creates a mature and independent person out of you. On a foreign campus you will learn to manage your finances, and even opt for part–time jobs. Such experiences will make your leadership qualities come out too.

Getting career-ready globally

Studying abroad, you will gain exposure to global opportunities to build a career. Foreign universities provide study programs and certifications that are internationally accepted. While a globalized workforce is the present and future, you will fit right in with your education abroad.

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