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More talent moving to Ireland than to UK, LinkedIn data reveals

Posted on January 4, 2018
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According to LinkedIn, the Professional social networking platform, new data shows that more workers were moving to Ireland than those entering the UK. The tables have turned in the last few months when research showed more people arriving in the UK.

Although the UK remains the top destination for many Skilled Workers from Ireland, a lot of Britons make up for the largest net migration in the reverse direction as 21 percent of skilled workers entering Ireland are from the UK.

Sharon McCooey, the site leader and senior director of international operations of LinkedIn Ireland, was quoted by Silicon Republic as saying that things were changing because of Brexit as well as the economic recovery of the Republic of Ireland.

She said that even as the movement of talent between Ireland and the UK has been substantial for some time, in 2017, the uncertain future of the UK and the strong recovery shown by Ireland, with Dublin’s strong growth, is causing their country to witness more UK Workers coming to Ireland than the other way around.

The upshot is that Ireland is benefiting more from net migration as more professionals are arriving than leaving the country. Depending on LinkedIn’s membership data’s analysis during October 2016-October 2017, the top five source countries for talent to Ireland were the UK, with 21 percent, followed by India (11 percent), Brazil (eight percent), Australia (six percent) and Italy (five percent).

The data also reveals that the Irish software sector is benefiting the most as it is the largest net beneficiary of talent arriving in that country. With over 900 Software Companies being based in Ireland, it continues to attract technology professionals. On the whole, the top five sectors that are attracting talent to Ireland are technology, healthcare, human resources, financial services, and engineering.

On the other hand, for professionals exiting Ireland, the top five destinations are Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Malta with 22 percent, 17 percent, 15 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

Professionals from Ireland who were going abroad were seeking opportunities in the sectors of media or entertainment, energy, retail, technology and automotive transport.

McCooey said that Irish businesses, leadership and communities have created the thrust that has led to the creation of a perception that theirs was an attractive country to live and work in.

She expects the trend to continue as it will shortly be the only English-speaking country of the European Union. She adds that it did not surprise her that the software industry was the biggest attraction for Skilled Workers relocating to Ireland, highlighting the reputation of the local companies and multinationals operating from there.

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