Visas Testimonials

Hello Sajida,
Congratulations to you too and thank you for assisting us in the visa processing process.
You really did a good job in making complicated things that sound & look simple , you explained the case scenarios very well and could relate it to us in layman’s term.
On behalf of my mother-in-law, I really appreciate your patience and the way you conducted the pre mock interview sessions with her.
You and your team is doing a great job ,continue the way you are! Best wishes to you and your team?
Thanks & Regards,
From my Mother-in-law and Me

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Australia Testimonials

Hi All,

This email is to express my thankfulness to all who helped and assisted me in the PR process. I started the process with Y-Axis sometime in Feb 2013 and got my PR on the 12th of Dec 2013.

I should thank Phillip for being very candid and for his knowledge and understanding, he knew all too well the bigger picture of the immigration process. Thank you for a fair assessment and for all your calls and follow up. Appreciate the time you took to help me understand all that is involved in the entire application process.

Purvitha – you been a pillar of support and patience. Thank you ever so much for guiding me though all the complex process and a mountain of paper work. Without your expertise I would not have accomplished what I did. I have found you to be always updated with changes in the immigration process and knew very well what was required to be done. Right from doing my ACS (collating, preparing and getting the analysis done) to all the other steps involved in getting my PR – you were there and helped me all though.

Y- Axis the people who assisted me are excellent resources. Encourage motivate and ensure you retain them. People like these will not just make your company proud but will ensure that you as a company succeed.

As for me I will not hesitate for a moment to refer your company to anyone who seeks assistance, advise and support in immigrating to Australia.

Thank you once again.



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Canada Testimonials

Dear Jyothirmai,

Thank you very much for your prompt service of refund. I got the refund in my said SBI account. I am really thankful to you and Y-axis keeping the promise of refund and valuing the customer. I really appreciates your quick service in this regard.

Thanks again,

With regards

Dhananjay Suresh Deshmukh

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UK Testimonials

Hi Riaz,

Thank you very much for assigning Sravan as my immigration consultant.

Suggestions provided by him in each and every document are excellent .

Thanks once again for the help and support provided by your team.

Best Regards,


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USA Testimonials

Hi Maneesha,

I am writing this not as a formality, but it is true that my journey with Y-axis for USA is succeeded just coz of you. When I, started the process with Y-axis I knew nothing, I was very confused with what to do and what not to do. The day I spoke to u it was a great relief for me. Throughout the process u was a great support; u was always there for my every problem. It took me almost one year but u have been so patient with me.

I have also communicated with other counselors of Y-axis but no one is even close to the way u made me understood and coordinated with me. I am not saying that other counselors are not good, but Maneesha for me u was the key to unlock the door of USA.

I think u know it very well that how I reach till here, there were many obstacles, and it took me quite long time to get the way out of it. Behind my success yes, ur contribution is there.

I wish, I could have meet u personally to say thank you, but its seems not possible, so I am doing through this mail.

From the bottom of my soul I really wanna thank u a lot.

A very warm thanks………

Hitesh Waghela

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Denmark Testimonials

Dear Alex,

I am really thankful to you for your support and guidance all the way long. I am expecting the same cooperation for the coming days also. We are really satisfied with your advice and support.

Let us hope that all the documents that we submitted is correct and let there be no problem in  getting the visa.

Thanking you



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RWS Testimonials

Deepali is excellent, she was supportive. Had prepared resume very well.

Appreciate her to send the update about next stage process details. Like what is next stage in the process, who will take care of process of marketing etc.

Renuka Selvaraj

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SAS Testimonials

Dear Mr.Musheer,

Greetings of the day.

I am pretty much satisfied with Y-axis and yes I am ready for the further process.

Thanks & Regards


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Study Overseas Testimonials

Special Wishes to Seela, Archana & Chaitanya on this Sankranthi.

I Am very much thankful to you all for processing my application.

In this last 6 months of me comming here to San Diego, I did find myself successful in all my endeavors which I planned to do. And not the least, I could have not done all that without your support. My Special Thanks To Y-Axis and especially all you guys.

I reached San Diego on July 21st 2011.

Joined a leading Healthcare group on Aug 17th’

Purchased a brand new car on Oct’11

Moved to American Speciality Health as Quality Assurance Manager as permanent employee on Nov 7th.

Got $3Million home loan approved on Dec 10th.

Doing Great in my Master’s Program and the Dean is considering my profile for Teaching Assistant vacancy (asst lecturer).

All the above mentioned events, though are the outcome of sheer hardwork & persistent effort, all these would have never happened without your support at the initial stage.

As a gratitude, I would like to do something for you guys in any form as needed by you.

Count on me.

Thanks & Regards,

Vishnu Kiran. M

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