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Thailand announces Elite residency to foreign nationals

Posted on June 14, 2017
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Thailand Work Visa

If you are planning to visit a country which is culturally stimulating and safe above all a trip that is affordable there won’t be a better place than Thailand. The Thai government has announced a golden opportunity for foreign nationals called the “Elite” Residency Visa which enables expats from overseas to live in the country. This streamlined scheme has been introduced aiming at dealing with immigration policies.

The recently announced agenda is the only Government led program which offers a unique Long Stay Visa in Thailand. And the benefits entitled are designed which are being made convenient for every purpose of visit may it be business or travel.

Benefits of the Elite Program

  • A convenient stay and you are free to leave the country based on your convenience
  • There is a concierge service especially for expats under this scheme
  • A fast-track privilege service for an ideal convenience a benefit at the arrivals and departure
  • Expats in the scheme will have member arrival and elite departure lounge
  • Free annual health checks
  • Other services provided by selected partners were elite expats experience special wavered prices at hotels, malls, and restaurants
  • Quick access to government services such as driver’s license, Work Permits, and other immigration services.

Over 1000 applications are expected, the elite packages are as follows:

  • A 20-year residency for $60,000 which comes along with a $ 600 annual membership fee. This package has offered a concierge service
  • A five-year Residence Permit with no annual fees called Elite Easy Access the fee is $15,000.
  • A 10-year residence entry this offers better benefits for family members as well, the fees are $30,000.

Ever since the new elite program and its packages were introduced there has been a sharp increase in the number of applications coming from across the world. Expats intend to acquire a second or even a third citizenship this is a brilliant opportunity to emancipate opportunities for families as well. This is a gateway to expand business opportunities in a changing world.

If you have plans to explore new opportunities add Thailand into your bucket list, contact Y-Axis the world’s trusted and best immigration and visa consultant for your every need of migration.

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    I want to know Elite Easy Access for Thailand. Is job available for that visa?


    • Y-Axis

      Dear Sreekanth, Thank You for your interest.
      Please e-mail us your contact details to One of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours.
      Alternatively, call us at 7670 800 000 for immediate assistance.

      Y-Axis Overseas Careers.


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