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Thailand to launch six month multiple entry tourist visa

Posted on November 13, 2015
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Thailand’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) has confirmed that it will be launching a new six-month multiple-entry tourist visa (METV) starting this Friday, the website reported on Saturday.
The visa, at a cost of 5,000 Thai baht, will allow travelers multiple entries during a 6-month period, for up to 60 days per entry. All foreign nationals are eligible to apply.
According to the travel website, there has been speculation about the METV since August this year with travellers and tour operators in India especially excited about the prospective added convenience. The site quoted Ms Soraya Homchuen, director at TAT’s Mumbai office, as stating: “I expect that frequent travellers from India as well as Indian travel agents, will be very happy with the news of the METV. Of late, Thailand has gained popularity for weekend getaways, especially on long weekends, in addition to already being India’s favorite for family vacations and annual holidays. I am certain that the convenience of already having a visa in-hand will encourage more impromptu trips to Thailand.”
Under the current rules, tourist visas are valid for only 60 days and visitors must leave the country or apply to a local immigration office for an extension. The new rules will allow visitors to enter and leave the country as often as they want over the six-month period, providing they leave the country every 60 days.
Applications for the METV can only be made at Royal Thai Consulates. It is not available on-arrival. Travellers should keep a buffer of two days, after submitting a completed visa form with all documents for the processing.

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