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The 7 steps that will ensure the US Study Visa

Posted on May 2, 2019
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US Study Visa

The US Study Visa season at the US Consulate General in Chennai commences formally from 11 May, which is just a week from now. An interactive session was held with a few student aspirants explaining the nuances of obtaining the Visa. It was by US Consul for Consular Affairs Kent May, his colleagues at the Consulate and the Education USA program.

Kent May said that almost 1/6th of the overseas students in the US are from India. This makes Indians the second largest overseas nationality studying in the US, added May. Educational institutions in the US require the very best overseas students. This is because we require talented global nationals who can assist in solving the issues faced in the complex world, said May.

The prospective aspirants of US Study Visa must not that the application can be submitted 4 months prior to the commencement of the course.

Below are the 7 steps that must be followed:

Step # 1: Commence the application by filling it completely

Step # 2: Make a payment of the SEVIS fee

Step # 3: Create a user account

Step # 4: Make a payment of the fee for Visa application

Step # 5: Schedule 2 appointments – for biometrics collection first and then for Visa interview

Step # 6: Carry your appointment letter, DS-160 confirmation sheet, Passport and previous passport/s for your OFC appointment

Step # 7: Carry the above documents on the Visa interview day along with Degree certificate, Mark sheets, SEVIS payment receipt, the I-20 form, and other supporting documents

The student must also be able to credibly explain their study plan and financial background at the interview. They are also asked by the Officers to not to make any travel arrangements or specific plans prior to receiving the Visa. Moreover, GRE is always not a prerequisite for the F-1 Visa, as quoted by the Edex Live.

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