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The international study appeal of Austria

Posted on May 29, 2019
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Study in Austria

Overseas students from all parts of the world find that the architectural paradise of Austria is a home away from home for them. The nation is renowned for its hiking trails, skiing spots, opera houses, and historical castles. It also has much to offer to overseas students:

Very high Quality of life

Vienna in Austria has secured the first position in 2019 Mercer Quality of Living Ranking for the tenth consecutive year. The Mercer ranking is a leading data provider of quality of life for workers sent overseas. It is based on the standard of education, school, recreation, housing, the socio-cultural environment, the natural environment, and more.

By securing the # 1 rank this year too, Austria promises to offer a rewarding study adventure to overseas students.

Affordable living and education costs

Austria is renowned for its cheaper rental prices and inexpensive education. The latest Economist Global Liveability Index reveals that Vienna has successfully displaced Melbourne from the # 1 ranking. Vienna is known as a pot of culture. Along with other Austrian cities, it offers a secure and safe place for overseas students to explore and study.

Excel your skills in the German language

Many Universities in Austria expect overseas students to take extra classes in the German language as it is a German-speaking nation. These will be a part of your semester credits as well. It will introduce you to a new culture and widen your language skills.

Prospective employers overseas or in Austria will be impressed with your commitment and hard work. This is in embracing new knowledge and learning another language, as quoted by Study International.

Scenic travel destinations

A leading advantage of studying in Austria is undeniably its picturesque landscapes. You can listen to classical music in the small town of Erl and take up a journey to the noble House of Liechtenstein in Vienna. Doing a tour of locations of The Sound of Music around Salzburg and visiting the largest armoury in the world at the city of Graz will also enthral you.

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