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The power of the Australia PR Visa

Posted on November 10, 2015
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Australia PR Immigration

Australia PR

Gaining an Australia PR will give you a wide range of benefits that will improve your life in the country to a greatest extent possible. Firstly, with the Australia PR, you will be rewarded with the benefit of being able to travel anywhere within the country. If you want to travel outside the border of the country, you must have a permanent visa with a valid travel authority.

Only if you have these documents in place, you can return to Australia once you finish your trip. The visa gives the right avail multiple benefits along with the social security that all the citizens of the country can claim their rights on. Along with the other benefits you will also be eligible for the health insurance which is in accordance with  the Health Insurance Act 1973.

The list of benefits

You will also benefit from the school system managed by the state itself. What they do is provide funds along with registrations for their schools. The PR holders can also avail the Higher Education Loan Program which is a right given to them according to Higher Education Support Act 2003. You will get partial freedom which means that, as long as you are within the date of your valid visa, you have certain benefits.

You can travel within or outside the country for as long as you want. But once your visa expires, you cannot step out the country. You will also be allowed to work for endless number of hours along with sponsoring relatives to Australia and travel to New Zealand without a visa. Financial assistance is given to the unemployed, retirees, students, families, parents, people with disabilities, etc.

The list extents

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, people with an Australia PR can avail primary and secondary education in government schools for free.

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