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The top five nations to immigrate in 2017

Posted on January 19, 2017
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With the onset of 2017, let’s have a look at the top five most preferred destinations to immigrate to in this New Year.


Canada Immigration

Canada appears to be by and large the most appealing destination for immigration. It is not only stunningly beautiful with serene nature and towering cities, it also has the most forthcoming people on the earth along with incredible education and healthcare system.

Although the weather gets very cold in certain regions, the snow-covered landscapes make them worth visiting. The shortage in skilled workers that Canada has and the fact that it is simpler and advanced nation to migrate to makes it one of the top nations to immigrate, not to forget other innumerable benefits it boasts of. The immigration Minister of Canada has also recently announced to make the visa regime even friendlier to the overseas immigrants across the world. He also added that around 305, 000 permanent residents will be accepted to Canada in the year 2017.


Australia Immigration

Australia has more to offer to the visitors apart from the Koala bears, Kangaroos, and surfing. It is the second most forthcoming and favored nation in the world to immigrate to with one of the top living standards globally and comprehensive assistance for employment and healthcare.

Australia is also ranked eleventh in the list of Transparency International which makes it one of the preferred nations for trade and commercial initiatives. In spite of the nation having a strong economy, it expects to face a shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the digital sector.


Germany Immigration

Germany is not only a beautiful nation but a safe nation to live as well as it has the lowest rate of murders in the world. It is also renowned to be liberal when it comes to funding of science and research projects and the industry and educational fraternity has a strong mutual association. More and more overseas students are now attracted to this nation for their education at the master’s level to pursue their studies at one of the public universities in Germany that do not charge the tuition fee.


Singapore Immigration

An exceptionally lower rate of unemployment at 2% and friendlier visa regime make Singapore one of the top preferred destinations for immigrants. Its immigration friendly culture is revealed by the fact that more than half of its population is immigrants. Singapore is placed seventh in the ranking of Transparency International and has the fifth least global murder rate. Its only drawback is its area with mere 700 square kilometers that is otherwise appealing with its beauty and cleanliness.

The United States of America:

The United States of America

The ever appealing American dream is perhaps the reason that makes the United States of America the top immigration destination in the world as more than 20% of the migrants across the globe immigrating to the nation. But the election of Donald Trump and his anti-immigration policies are likely to affect its tag as the most immigrated nation in the coming years.

The nation also has some of the most prestigious and renowned universities of the world not to forget the Wall Street, Walt Disney World and the ever popular Hollywood. The famous cities and towering structures have a large role in making the US one of the top nations favored for immigration across the world.

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