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Tibet Travel in 2015: Know Before You Go

Posted on February 8, 2015
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Tibet travel is an experience like none other. While dream-like landscapes and a fascinating culture await visitors there are things everyone should know when they begin planning a tour. Travel permits, when to visit, how to get there, and dealing with the thin mountain air are all considerations for those who make the adventure.

  •     All foreign visitors must obtain a Tibet travel permit before they can enter Tibet. Travelers coming from Mainland China must of course have a Chinese visa while those coming from Nepal will need a Tibet group visa. A licensed Tibet travel agency will take care of the paperwork for the travel permit and group visa.
  •     While Lhasa and the surrounding area is hospitable year around, the best time to visit is mid-April to June and September to early October. However travelers should note that this varies by region. TCTS is always happy to provide details.
  •     The quickest and easiest way to arrive or depart is by air from Kathmandu or Mainland China. For those with extra time, the train or overland routes provide excellent views of remote Tibetan scenery. Within Tibet foreign tourists are not allowed to use public buses outside of Lhasa, being with an organized group is necessary.
  •     Most who visit Tibet will at some point feel the effects of the altitude. Usually this is nothing more than a mild headache, shortness of breath, or fatigue however group members should alert their guide if these symptoms become severe. Stay well hydrated before and after arrival and avoid intense physical activity for the first few days.

Successful travelers keep these things in mind while planning their adventure.  Taking a tour of Tibet is a special experience, make sure to arrive prepared so the memories last a lifetime!

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